first email

Josh is having a great 1st week, sounds really busy but he is doing good. I have put a few parts of his email here:


Hey Guys!!

So my first week has been really really really busy. We have had no spare time whatsoever!  So I have two companions, we are a trio. Elder Fine is Polynesian and super cool and from California, but originally Tonga or whatever. Elder Parker is from Las Vegas and we are pretty similar. These guys are definitely building me up while I am here. My PDay isn’t actually today, its Friday, but for the first week we have a weird schedule that I’m trying to get use to. Next week will get better. I’m sort of remembering Spanish, but it comes and goes at all times of the day so there isn’t any consistency. We taught an investigator last night….in Spanish, and that was hard. The Spirit was there, and if it hadn’t been there I think we would’ve been worse than what we already were. So my district has 8 people in it. I’m with my district pretty much all the time like for classes and what not. There are 5 elders and 3 sisters. The sisters are really nice and the elders are cool to spend the rest of my time with. Everyone likes each other, there isn’t a single person who doesn’t like another person
So the first day was hectic. We just had orientation after orientation and were thrown into the work. I honestly am having a hard time remembering everything because days just flow into each other here. We started learning a little bit of Spanish Wednesday, but on Thursday we were thrown into the deep end with that. Our teacher only spoke Spanish. He wouldn’t speak English at all…….It was very frustrating. We picked up on bits and pieces though. I know how to say a simple prayer and bear a short testimony in Spanish now, basics for teaching an investigator…which we did like I said. Like I said, all of our time is taken up. And the Spirit like extends the days I think. I don’t remember days ever being this long before.

The food is pretty good here, I mean its not bad. I can find at least one thing to each at each meal. We are almost never in our residence halls. We’re technically only allowed to go to them after gym each day and at night when we go to bed. The bed isn’t too bad either. They had bedding and a pillow when I got here, so I’m guessing the reason I needed one will be more for the actual mission. Oh and they have everything a missionary would ever need at the bookstore. Clothes, food, meds, laundry stuff, etc. And apparently we get a missionary discount. We should’ve just waited to buy everything here! Oh well. There are two gyms and they both have a bunch of stuff to do. I’m glad I went to the gym with mom for a few months before here or else I’d be absolutely lost. 

I love it here at the MTC! There is no place like it and I know I’m suppose to be here. Thank you for all of the Dear Elders and for the letters too.
I love and miss you guys a ton!! But I am also super busy at the MTC so I haven’t really had too much time to dwell on home and get homesick. So be grateful for that! Love you tons!!

Elder Andersen


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