2 letters in 1 day=Happiness


Josh is proving to be a great letter/email writer. Very detailed and legible! The 1st letter I got today was the form letter I made for him to mail his 2nd day in the MTC answering most of the questions that he answered in his email on Saturday. The main thing is his feeling of being overwhelmed, which I am sure will get better as time goes by. Spanish is hard but he has great faith that it will become easier and I know that as we pray for him to learn the language he will be more comfortable with it. His testimony is strong, so I just pray that he is comfortable with the lessons in Spanish so that he will be able to teach the things he wants and convey his testimony in Spanish.

He ended one letter with:

Obedience brings blessings, Strict obedience brings Miracles!!

Thanks to everyone who writes and prays for our missionary-he feels those prayers and needs them.


2 responses to “2 letters in 1 day=Happiness

  1. A form letter is a great idea! I think I will have to use that for my other boys. Wish I’d have known about it for Chad.

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