We got another great email from Josh on Friday (his P day) sharing some things from his 2nd week in the MTC.


Hola Mi Familia!! 

So… I’ve gotten use to the schedule a little more, and the language is coming along…kinda. Sundays are amazing in the MTC! 
Sundays are very personal. Just a lot and a lot of personal studying and doing church stuff. Priesthood was awesome and so was sacrament meeting. I learned that basically God is perfect and unchanging and the only way he progresses now is through us. When his creations progress we progress. I also learned that Jesus obtained the title of God in the preearth life and so that is why he is our Savior, he was the only one that could do it.

At the gym I run and work out on the machines. It was cool when the noobies came on Wednesday because I was running on the track and could see all of them getting dropped off! 

So…. As you may know, I love when Elder Holland speaks. His talks are amazing and I get a lot from them. So every Tuesday night there is a Devotional and I was really hoping that he would come, ya know? Well as it got closer and closer to the devotional everyone kept saying that it’d be some boring lame person from the 70. WELL!! I was in the choir and so I saw who came through the doors before everyone else could see, and guess who it was!!! Not Elder Holland….. JUST KIDDING!!!!! IT WAS ELDER HOLLAND!!!!!!! IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING TALK EVER!!!! I LOVED EVERY PART OF IT!!!!!!

My understanding of the Gospel is increasing so much! Praying is so different here because the Spirit is so strong and reading the scriptures is really eye opening. I love having so much time to just focus on the scriptures and studying them. 
So Mom you will love this. When I came to the MTC there was this little special musical number to help welcome us. After it they told all of us that if we wanted we could prepare a musical number and then audition to see if we could sing in front of the new missionaries or maybe even the whole MTC. Well… I auditioned!! I sang Savior, Redeemer of My Soul and thankfully one of my zone leaders, Elder Nay, is amazing at the piano and accompanied me! It went really really well!! Afterwards the sisters that were judging me, I guess that’s what you’d call it even in a church setting, said that my voice was amazing and brought the most powerful spirit with it!! They said they could have just pictured me growing up always singing in church and were surprised when I told them I had only sang in public once before. So, hopefully I will be able to share that spirit with someone while I am here at the MTC. They really liked it so I’m hoping!!!

Elder Holland also gave us a commandment! He said, “I command you to come home with at least one convert. And it better be you!” Just picture Elder Holland saying it and its extremely powerful.
He also told us that it is super important for us missionaries to now be better than anyone ever before. He told us we needed to be better than he was, than Nephi was, and even Mormon and Moroni! Yea, no pressure right?
He gave so much good stuff! I wish I could share it all! But one last thing he said was that if we are obedient, then we will have the spirit, and then we will be able to teach with power and authority! Awesome!!!

Another thing I learned is that basically all missionaries do is invite investigators to do stuff. The spirit does the rest and the spirit is what is so important. Our focus is to help investigators establish a relationship between themselves and God. That is what is most important. “Eternal salvation is on the line.” – Elder Holland again 🙂


He is doing good, loving the MTC! Thank you so much for everyone who writes to him, uses DearElder or emails. The support means so much to our family. Hopefully we will get pictures soon to share as well.


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