ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageWe got a nice long letter from Josh today with his SD card and downloaded 72 pictures.  Great pictures of his room, breakfast, classroom, companions, district, temple walks etc. 

He is doing great, enjoying the MTC and the incredible spirit that is there. 
” Spanish is coming pretty well. I can understand it better than I can speak it. I can say little things and phrases but I still have a lot to learn. Everyone keeps telling me to focus on the Spirit and the doctrine while I’m here. I’ll have 2 years to learn how to speak the language, I only have this time to learn in the MTC about the doctrine. Once I’m out in the field all my time and focus will be on other people. I wont really have the time to learn too much more about the gospel or different doctrines. So yea, I’m learning Spanish, but I’m not worrying myself too badly. I trust the Lord will help me in whatever thing I need.”

“Did I tell you that I’ve met no one, besides Sister Bush in my district, who is going to Texas, Fort Worth? Many Dallas and San Antonio missions but no Fort Worth. I’m starting to doubt the mission even exists! No ones heard of it! Okay just kidding, but it is kinda strange.”

Just a bit of his letter to share-He is amazing and it is so fun to see his testimony growing already. We are so thankful for his desire to serve the Lord and his dedication. Thanks again to all of you who have emailed, written Dear Elders, and written letters. As a mom I appreciate it so much and I know these are the things he really enjoys at the end of his very long days.



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