Email from Elder Andersen

So…. a lot of the questions you actually asked I answered in the letter I’m sending today 🙂 go figure. Oh well I can repeat some things here and there. So…….
I actually got the package before the letter you sent. And.. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! I will definitely not go hungry for months. 🙂 so you have no need to send me things for a very very long time. 🙂 And I love the CD’s!!!!!! They drop off packages at our apartment which is nice. Oh and another reason why I don’t need any more packages is because it is expensive! I feel bad that you’re still paying so much for me when I’m not there! 🙂 haha
So this week I’m suppose to go on splits and that is with English elders. Elder  is the district leader and suppose to be on top of all of that…but he’s not. When we meet people who speak english we do refer them to the other elders. But Elder hates talking to english speaking people because they are mean…well everyone needs the gospel. Not just the mean ones but if we avoid talking to them then we accomplish nothing. So that’s something we kinda disagree on.
We go tracting down Spanish looking streets and only knock spanish looking doors. I’m not a fan. Anyway, a typical day is we wake up at 6:30 and go to the gym at the apartment complex for 30 minutes. Then we go back to the apartment and eat breakfast and prepare for the day until 8. We alternate who gets to shower first and lets just say he likes taking really long showers and always takes the hot water. He’s a little inconsiderate when it comes to other people I have noticed. Like whenever we do something he just takes as long as possilbe (laziness kicking in) even if I or someone else wants to get things done right now so we can get to work. At 8 we do personal study for an hour, then at 9 we do companionship study for another hour. At 10 we do this 12 week training study thing for my first 12 weeks. At 11 we’re suppose to do language study but Elder always gets hungry so we take lunch instead. Then at 12 we do language study for another hour. At 1 we leave the apartment and go do whatever we need to do until 5. 5 is when we have dinner, whether that be at a members house or our apartment. Sometimes members just bring us food which is nice because then we don’t have to eat it. Like last night some lady in the ward gave us food for dinner. We didn’t eat it because it had hairs all in it! It was NASTY! At 6 we head out again and go to 9. At 9 we try to plan for the next day for 30 minutes…but we always start late because Elder  doesn’t want to. When we’re done with that its our own time and so that’s when I try to write in my journal and just prepare for bed.
There aren’t actually that many spanish areas where we are serving. A few apartment complexes but thats it. There are only 5 members from our branch in our entire area. The rest are in the Dallas Mission which we can’t go over to. Aparently at the end of every transfer, if you live within 100 miles of the Dallas temple you can go to the temple. So because we live within that range we are going to try to go at the end of this transfer. But the majority of the mission doesn’t live that close so I don’t know how often I can go. We don’t go as a mission because it doesn’t say to in the White Handbook we have, and our Mission President only does stuff if it says it in the White Handbook. So like I can’t skype you for mothers day because it doesn’t say to in the book. 😛
I don’t really know what fast food places are around because we don’t ever have time to go to them….it’d be a waste of miles and time….so I don’t think gift cards would be worth it too much…sorry. 😛
And I already said something, but Happy Birthday Grandma and Debby!!!
Oh and the reason we haven’t been closed as far as this area is because there are still 5 members in our area. But anyone who has been baptized in the last two years has gone inactive and everyone we teach won’t keep commitments. No one here wants to change. It’s really sad actually…
So we drive a red Toyota corolla..its pretty new too. 2010. I think…give or take a year. And I have figured out what I pretty much like to eat. I’ll probably be sick of it, and mexican food, after my mission though. There is this one family in the ward who always feeds us Monday nights so we go to their house. Then Thursday and Friday there are families who bring us food that we take to the apartment. Everything else kinda just depends but its very random. Some mexican food is good. Other food isn’t good…like the pork spine…I still can’t believe I ate that! Oh and I can have gum in the apartment 🙂 Oh and the branch is actually like the size of a ward, but because it encompases 3 stakes to make the branch, it’s still considered a branch. But the majority of the branch is in the other mission. So we can’t like ever use members. Its a weird predicament.
Anyway, I hope this doesn’t sound too complaining ish… I’m trying to not have Elder rub off on me! Spanish is kind of coming…more or less…but I’m trying more and more every day.
I love and miss you all soooooooooooo much!!!!!! Thank you for the love and support! I honestly have the best and most supportive family!!!!! I don’t know any missionary that gets as much support as I do!!!! So thank you!!!!! 🙂
Love you soooooooo much!!!!!!!
Elder Josh Andersen 🙂

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