Josh Loves Service



excerpt from Josh’s latest email

‘So this past week was really weird because I knew that I was being transferred. I just had a feeling, and I also had a feeling like it would be Denton…weird right? But so I didn’t like saying goodbye to people because I didn’t know if I’d see them again. And then doing service was happy/sad because I knew that I wouldn’t have that much time left with my amazing district….
We did service everyday again this week. 🙂 Like we would start service around 10 or 11 every morning and then we would do it until like 5. 🙂 It was fun and good. Except Friday we did service all day because it was emergency service and a guy in G’s ward needed help right then and there was like a time limit and stuff but things all worked out. 
Besides service, that worldwide training was just amazing yesterday!!!!!!! I absolutely loved it and MAN!!! The focus on Member Missionary Work and Member help is really being emphasized now!!! 🙂 So do your part and I’ll do mine. 🙂 Missionaries are only suppose to be there to help, not to find really any more. Lewisville was a hard area with member work because we only have 5 families in our area….but Denton is a ward and pretty small since it’s the bike area so things will definitely be different! And honestly, I’m excited and scared at the same time!!!!! ‘

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