Denton Summer


Josh is doing great serving in Denton, Texas. He got custom made cowboy boots, so the Texas is rubbing off on him. below is an excerpt from a recent email from him:

Thursday was good and we had an exchange with Brother P. He is the best!! We taught this one guy Silvio a second time about the Plan of Salvation (briefly) and he told us that he wants to know if there really is a prophet on the earth today and if this is the true church. He’s read everything we’ve told him and he is super smart and cool!! And he’s Guatemalan 🙂  Friday was a coolish day. Nothing too special coming to my mind. But Saturday was the GOOD day. 🙂 So the day was kinda shot cuz we both were having bike troubles, and it rained so we got randomly soaked. Like the rain only hit like a square mile and we were in the center of it…and got soaked. As soon as we got back to change it became sunny again….yea. 🙂 haha crazy Texas weather!!! They say in Texas that if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes and you’ll be happy again. 🙂 it changes that fast!! Anyway. So that night Hermano A and his girlfriend in the ward, Hermana B took us to dinner at Rosa’s Tortilla Factory!! So good!! And yet soooo fattening…I was soooo fullll!!!! 😛 And we were kinda scared because they were taking forever and so we left dinner like 40 minutes late!! Not good. 😛 We didn’t have any appointments but just had a lot of people to see…and the first 4 houses we stopped by with Hermano A didn’t answer….so I was praying SO hard!!! And that’s when we stopped by Cesar’s house. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 We taught him once on his porch, invited him to english class and he came, and then never heard from him again…..he works a ton!! But we got in with him!!! We taught about the plan of salvation and somehow (with the obvious help from the spirit) his concern came up!! He says he doesn’t have faith but he has a desire to have faith. So… ALMA 32!!!!! We read part of that with him and then invited him to church and he said he’d try to go. So that night we prayed EXTRA hard for that to happen. And!!!! He didn’t come to church…………………………….
JUST KIDDING!!! 😀 He did!!!!! He came and took his whole family too!!! His wife and 2 kids. 🙂 One’s 10 the other is 5. They loved it and it was a great sacrament meeting! They didn’t stay for classes because their kids were too nervous for Primary, but they said they are coming to our Noche de Hogar tonight and that will be good because there will be a ton of kids from church there so they can make friends. 🙂 Yea so prayers work!!!

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