New Haircut need for Investigators

ImageJosh is doing great-absolutely loving Texas and so thankful that it is starting to cool off. He rides his bike eveerywhere and is praying for new investigators since the ones they ahvce are having a hard time committing.ImageImage
“So it has been sooooo hard to find them this week. Everyone with a date we haven’t been able to find, or we’ve talked to them like once, so it was a hard week and we found a ton of new people!! 🙂 But yea…. I’m worried for the people we have. OH! And sad thing! So Saturday we were going to go see some of our investigators near our apartment and as we were going by these one apartments, we noticed there was a guy passed out drunk with the stereo in his car BLARING and so we went over…and he was one of our investigators that dropped us and rejected our message!! 😦 so….that was sad to see. He has a sad story. His wife left him and took his kids and now he’s all alone trying to find comfort in this other church he attends….and then he rejected our message…. 😦 sad day… maybe someday. “

His eye is twitching from stress-not good but he is handling it and doing well. They were at Ice Cream last week and a member came up and asked if she could take their picture and send to their moms-DUH?! I love those people!!!!!!

Thank you for writing Josh and keeping him and his investigators in your prayers.


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