Texas has crazy weather

 How is my amazing family in the extremely hot Arizona climate?! 😀 From the email it sounds like things are good. 🙂

So yea, first things first. Catching Fire comes out this weekend and you BETTER tell me how amazing it is!!! But if it’s not (which I doubt) you can just tell me how awesome it is anyways. 🙂 And then next year we’ll watch it for Christmas or something. 🙂 haha

That is crazy about Raini! And Emi!! Holy Cow!!! I didn’t even know that she was thinking about a mission! And I’m gonna get home and have no friends…. haha all of them will be out on missions! 🙂 Which is a good thing. Then I can focus on my family for a bit and then friends when they get back. 🙂 haha

And I didn’t get the bracelet Brooke sent…so…?

My week was good! And freezing…but then warm like the last two days. 😛 random Texas weather. Wait 5 minutes and it changes. (that’s what Texans say!) 🙂 haha So Zone Conference was amazing, but I’ll talk about that later. 🙂 haha I’ll just answer your questions like normal then describe the week. 🙂 Our ward is decent size. Probably 150ish? they’re mostly white though. There are about 20ish Marshallese

A and A  are good. A (boy) is working on the oil rigs and he won’t be back until next Tuesday. And A (girl) is doing good too. But she definitely has her hands full with work and her three kids.. So pray that she will be able to endure!

J is doing ok… He was gone all week long… and his baptism was suppose to be this Saturday, the 23rd, but that got moved because he had to leave for work AGAIN for the whole week. He was supposed to be able to go to church yesterday but then his coworkers picked him up early and he couldn’t go. And he can’t get interviewed in time too… He still really wants to get baptized but work is really getting in the way. So pray for a miracle and that he will stop working like 7 hours away! haha

As for the family where we helped clean their house, I think I didn’t explain things well the first time. And they’re still trying to get their grandchildren, yes. And they’re doing good.

For Thanksgiving, we’re supposed to possibly have 2 meals. 🙂 We’re going to have a lunch with the H and their family (it’s kinda like Mom’s side of the family getting together). And then we’re going to have dinner at the Js And Thanksgiving will be good cuz I eat turkey now so HA! 🙂 hehe

Today we’re just cleaning the apartment and resting, maybe go to the church, we don’t know yet. 🙂 haha

And this week the only set plans are district meeting this Wednesday and I’m going on an exchange Tuesday night to Wednesday. I’m staying in my area and O is going to Stephenville.

Things are going well with O. He is kinda like me where he has two younger sisters. His family came over from Mexico when he was like 1 or 2 so he’s grown up here and stuff. And he’s been out almost 13 months. And he gets mail just like me, so we’re about even there. He gets a little bit more than I do but whatevs. 🙂

We got the Christmas stuff and it’s awesome!!! Thank you!!! And thanks for sending it cuz I was actually going to go buy stuff today for Christmas. 🙂 haha so if you’re gonna send me anything else just warn me so I won’t go out and buy it. 🙂

And I have this blue puddy stuff that get the icecyle lights to stay up. haha 🙂 one step ahead of y’all!

We have no idea what will happen with Christmas. It’s over a month away and it’s next transfer. So O probably won’t even be here. He’s been in Cleburne for 6 months. We’re probably going to have a mission conference for Christmas though. 🙂

Ok so my week!!! I already explained stuff about my investigators so I’ll just focus on the week. 🙂 🙂 haha

So the week started off interesting… Tuesday. It was freezing. And we tracted….for 5 hours straight. Not the best use of time in my opinion, but we had nothing else to do. But after that experience, and seeing little success, we made sure plans for the rest of the week would be better so we’d have stuff breaking up tracting so we didn’t do it for 5 hours straight again. 🙂 But the night was pretty cool. We got to go to Chile’s for dinner with a member! First time I’ve had it since with y’all!! And no…that doesn’t mean send me a Chile’s gift card… 🙂 haha but if you thought about it, thanks for the thought! 🙂 And then we also taught a cool lesson to a less active member. He is a recent convert and he has an interesting life story. So, we’re teaching him and he is smoking, so we ask him to repent and give us his cigarettes. It worked before, remember? 🙂 well…he said no and that that was the least of his worries. Well, we’re going to work with him and help him understand what God wants him to do. 🙂


Then Wednesday was better! 🙂 Because we planned to not go tracting 5 hours straight, we made sure we knew exactly where we wanted to go. And we found awesome people! And, it was interesting, but I contacted a war veteran outside who only had one leg, and I contacted him talking about the resurrection. 🙂 He liked it. 🙂 hahaha And then we taught A (girl) and that was a good lesson. 🙂 It was a good day. OH! And the family we ate dinner with made me a cake! Cuz they wanted to make me a cake and decided they could make me a cake for my half birthday even though it was a month late. 🙂 haha

Thursday, Zone Conference. AMAZING!!! 😀

the conference was awesome!!!! We learned SO much and basically how we need to use the members and help the wards out in any way that we can. And then President also had this little metal rectangle thing that said “If you knew you could not fail, what would you do?” And whoever read it, and yes I read it, had to answer it and then promise ourselves that we would do it. 🙂 So we’ll see where that goes after my mission! But just an awesome spirit filled day! I have good notes. I’ll go over them with you when I’m home cuz there is too much to type. 🙂 hahahaha

Then Friday was planning. Boring. 🙂 haha

But Saturday was awesome!!! Even though none of these people came to church, and they promised they would, it was awesome! First we got a referral from a member and so we went to go see her. We taught her and she was super into the idea of how she could find out for herself! And she was gonna come to church with her family! 🙂 Then that night we found this one family who was awesome! We were going back to teach the dad cuz he was a potential person, and then we taught the family. We shared the restoration and then at the end, the daughter, looked at us and asked, “Why?” “Why what?” “Why does this matter?” So we testified to her about all of the blessings that she could receive and stuff and she started to cry and told us that she was sorry for crying but something we said just touched her. The Spirit is amazing!!! And it was such a cool experience!! The Spirit was literally like THICK. It was hard to breath because of how powerful the Spirit was! And they were also going to go to church, but the dad was kinda holding the rest of them back… 😛 But either way, amazing experience!!! They knew it was true and want to find out for themselves. They started to read the book of Mormon before we even left. 😀

Then Sunday, only A (girl) came to church so that was sad…but translating was a miracle! I said things in Spanish that I’ve never said before!! It was sooooo coool!!!! 😀 And then last night we went by some investigators, that we were thinking about dropping, because of a prompting. We go over and their son A (he’s about 4) was sick with a horrible fever. They were getting ready to take him to the ER. So we got there, they wanted us to leave, but then I offered to give him a blessing. They said yes, and guess what!!! This morning they texted us saying he is completely better and they asked us when we could come back! 😀 The Lord is amazing and he truly does work through miracles!!!!! 🙂

So yea, that was my amazing week. 🙂

I love you to the moon and back forever and ever and ever!!! 🙂 Let me know if there is anything specifically that you want me to pray for out here. 🙂 Just pray for my investigators and for the work in my area!! 🙂 I love y’all so much and am so happy I’m here serving the Lord! 🙂

Love Elder Josh Andersen 🙂

P.S. So, just btw, I looked at myself in the mirror yesterday with my suit on, but not my tag, and I didn’t like it! I didn’t look like a missionary! I was normal… 😛 So it made me think about how we need to always make sure we look like what we are. And, since we have been baptized we should be examples of Jesus Christ, so do we look like that all the time? It’s easy for me cuz I have a tag, but just something for y’all to think about. 🙂ImageImageImageImageImageImage


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