25 days til Christmas and Happy Thanksgiving

How is my amazing family?! I love you all soooo much!!! Just FYI 🙂 hahah

So this week was fun and interesting! But I’ll answer your questions first and then go onto that and stuff 🙂 And I was able to see the video of Carter!! It’s kinda weird… Am I the only one who thinks he looks like a mini-Josh when I was that age? Not completely, just a wee bit. 🙂 haha

And yes, it is FREEZING here!!! 🙂 hahaha yesterday we had all these members telling us that we were crazy for still working in it and there were warnings all day that there was going to be freezing rain and stuff, so Sacrament Meeting was all we had….everything else was cancelled….which was inconvinient. And that even made it so A (girl) didn’t come to church cuz she is terrified of ice and driving when there is ice and stuff…..and a lot of people didn’t even come to church because of it.

As for Payphone and All Too Well, I just figured them out? haha 🙂 Just had the songs stuck in my head and tried playing them. Since that’s the only way I can do it since I can’t listen to them. 🙂 haha

So update on our investigators!!!

And remember how I said that we met that awesome family? S and her parents A and B? Well we taught them again and it was super cool!!! S prayed and already got an answer that the Book of Mormon is true!!!! Her parents are just what’s keeping her back…. her dad doesn’t really care

But on the bright side, 🙂 we have lessons lined up this week with A and A and S and her family! Hopefully we can find Z! And then we’re gonna be doing a lot of finding this next week. We didn’t get too many opportunites to find people this week.

We don’t do like any service here in Cleburne. 😛 combination of people not accepting it and then Elder O doesn’t like it really.


Today plans are: Emailing, Shopping, Soccer at the church with some members (everyone is out of school this week for Thanksgiving), then we have a few lessons lined up tonight. That’s it. 🙂 haha hopefully a super chill and relaxed day! I need it! I just feel exhausted lately. Like just tired all the time!! hahaha

I’m sooooooo glad I’m not on a bike!! I feel soooo bad for Buh!!!! Hopefully she can get a bunch of rides from members so they don’t have to be in the cold too much. 🙂


Any crazy experiences? Hmm.. Let me think for a bit. When I was on exchange a girl that the other elders teach in Stephenville told me that I look like Justin Bieber except taller and with better teeth? Does that count? 🙂 haha

Oh no, here is one!!Ok so on Wednesday we had a lesson with A and so we had an exchange with us. The lesson wasn’t the best….her kids were being really crazy and just one thing after another. But after that, we had a person that we were going to go by because Bishop asked us to check up on them. Well, Elder O  said as we were walking up to the door “we’re just going to set up a return appointment. We don’t have enough time for anything else.”

So we knock on the door, they open up, and say, “Y’all are the last people we expected to see right now. Please come in.” So this family is less active. That’s all we knew as we were walking in. So we go inside and they explain to us that their sister, 2 hours before, was checked into Hospice because she was dying of stage 4 liver cancer….so they were having a hard time. There was beer and cigarettes everywhere. But when we walked in they stopped drinking and put out their cigarettes! We talked to them and it was awesome! Testifying and teaching about the plan of salvation! The father was there, and he’s not a member, and we found out that the kids also we’re members. They’ve been less active for a while. They just kept telling us how it couldn’t have been better timing! So I was glad that we were able to be there and then help them. 🙂

It was really cool because I was able to talk to them about how grandpa passed away and it was a lot faster than we thought it would be. The spirit was just amazing and super strong in that room that night!


We were late to our next lesson but they punched on us anyway and we rescheduled it for the next day. 🙂

So that was a spiritual highlight and something crazy. 🙂


I haven’t been able to do any Christmas shopping… and I don’t think I’ll be able to today either…..

So we don’t get fed every night, but we do get fed every Sunday by the Barrus (pronounced Bear-is) Family and they are probably my favorite family right now. 🙂 They are already planning an awesome little Christmas thing with us so that will be fun! We’re going carolling or something. 🙂


Ok now fast about my week

So it was kinda long, but all good. 🙂

Wednesday we had district meeting and that was in Granbury. Kinda a far drive but it was fun. This district is definitely different from the other ones I’ve had….Like it’s not weird, but it is. 🙂 haha it’s probably just the change in things that’s throwing me off.

I went on exchange to Stephenville and drove there on Thursday and Friday. 🙂 I love my area compared to theirs!!! No offense… but you learn to appreciate stuff that you have when you see different perspectives. And while I was there…. It snowed!!!! Nothing stuck cuz it was all wet already, but still. 🙂 hahaha and the other cool things I’ve already kinda explained… haha 🙂 like with that less active family.

Yesterday we taught a few different members….less actives and active ones. 🙂 haha our day was booked!!! Not too much spanish though…just assignments from Bishop. So one family is super fun to talk to! Why? Because they love Once Upon A Time!!!! But I keep telling them that they can’t ruin anything for me. 🙂 haha

Then we taught this one less active that really just amazed me…but not in a good way. It was sad. He was sealed with his wife in the Salt Lake Temple, is a convert, and has now gone SO far the other way…. he doesn’t even believe that there is a God anymore…. It’s soooooo sad. I feel so bad for that family! Everything that was once a strong part of his testimony he has now destroyed and burried. It was sad asking him all these questions. Picture like being asked the most basic of questions, and then having someone answer then in the most atheist kinda of way. I’ve never met anyone on my mission like him.  And I think I met him just so I could ask myself again, “Do you really believe this?” To which I got the answer again, “Yes, of course I do.”

After being out here just on my mission, I’ve realized that nothing is a coincidence. Nothing. If we have plans cancel, usually we go to our backup plans and have awesome lessons with those people! Which shows us that THEY are the ones we should’ve actually planned to see in the first place. It’s amazing what God does and how he works.

Yea so that was my week. 🙂 Nothing too exciting or not exciting.


I love y’all to the moon and back forever and ever and for eternity!!!!! I’m so glad to be a part of this gospel and to know everything that I know!!! It truly is amazing!!!!! 🙂 While I’m doing missionary work over here in Texas, try to be doing it over there in Arizona! You’ll see miracles happen too. 🙂


Love you!!!

Elder Josh Andersen 🙂ImageImage


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