I was called to Texas. I didn’t expect snow….that would become ice. :) haha

How are y’all?! I love y’all so much! I hope ya know that. 🙂 hahah so yea, this was a CRAZY week but it was fun. :

So first things first. Transfers. I am staying here in Cleburne, and being senior companion to Elder B No one knows who he is, but I think he has been in Temple Texas and this will be his first transfer. He’s pretty new in the mission. Elder O is going to Fort Worth Texas and being district leader there. It’s kinda funny. Last time I had a companion go district leader on me, it was B, and he also went to Fort Worth. Elder O is replacing B there.

So yea, no worries! You can send whatever you want, whenever you want! Cuz I’m staying here in my nice amazing area in my car!!! Poor O is going to be in a bike area… And Elder Y is training here in Cleburne and Elder T is going home…his two years are up. 😛

Oh and yea, haven’t gotten anything because of the crazy weather. But I’ll explain that. 🙂

So first I’ll answer your questions, go on to the week, and from that explain the storm that hit Texas. 🙂 haha

Christmas lights at the temple. Does the Dallas temple do that? We can’t go. We can only go to the temple if we switch our pday and all that stuff and we have to live within 45 minutes from it…and Cleburne isn’t in that range. And our Christmas Conference for our mission is next Wednesday, the 18th, and its in Bonds Ranch. It’s northern Fort Worth. And then on the 20th we have interviews with President. Christmas day is the exact same as any other day for us. The only difference is that we get to call our family. But we’re still working and doing everything the same. And even pdays we are working. After 6 we need to be out and about doing the Lord’s work. 🙂 And we’re not sure what we’ll do Christmas day yet. But we probably will try to be with members a lot that day. Not many investigators want us over on holidays…and tracting won’t, but might, who knows?, be effective. 🙂 haha The white handbook says that holidays are the best day for proselyting, but that’s iffy for me. 🙂 haha I’ll just trust them!

Quick thing about your lesson! So, you do not know how many lessons that I have prepared to teach, and they were a minimum of 30 minutes, some closer to 40, that I haven’t been able to teach. We’ll be let in and they’ll tell us, “Ok you have 15 minutes before I have to leave.” And we’re like…. “Uhh….” So in those circumstances you just need to follow the Spirit! You’ve filled up your “well of knowledge” that the Spirit can help you draw from. 🙂 That’s how I look at it. So you are prepared. That is ALL that matters. And if the Spirit is there, it really doesn’t matter what you say because the Spirit will testify to their hearts the things that they need to hear. 🙂

And that is cool, side note, that y’all can be part of the Temple celebration!!!!! Please take lots of pictures and videos for me!!!! That is soooooo exciting!!!!!!! The Temple is SO AMAZING!!!!! I’m SO excited and I’m not even gonna be there! hahah 🙂

Our Christmas party is this weekend and hopefully that will be good. 🙂 And we were able to go watch the Christmas Devotional from the First Presidency with A and A B! They are amazing, you have NO idea. 🙂 🙂 🙂

And I’m feeling better. Pretty much over my cold. I depleted half of my emergen-c supply but that’s what its for. 🙂 haha and today we are going shopping and just chilling. We were going to go to Weatherford for a zone pday thing, but we can’t find anyone willing to drive all the way to Weatherford in this weather….haha. 🙂 Even though it’s SO much better. 🙂 haha so just a bunch of chill time today. 🙂

As for hanging out with the other elders, we work a lot with them because they are in our ward. And like this weekend because we walked everywhere we had to plan together so we didn’t go see the same members and less actives and stuff. But yea, we work with them a lot. haha 🙂 It’s good and bad. Good cuz it’s fun, bad cuz we’re not always 100% focussed….hahah 🙂 but we repent and do better the next time 🙂

So here is my week!!!

Ok first off, Monday was crazy. So we had an exchange and all our plans fell through except Sister B. And that lesson was AWESOME!!!! I just remember being filled with the Spirit and that everything that was said was perfect. There was a reason that everything punched!

So then Tuesday. That was a fun night. 🙂 That’s when Elder O got the call that he was going district leader from President. We were in a lesson with A and A and then Elder O went pale and answered the phone. It was kinda funny. 🙂 But he found out he had a meeting on Thursday and so he needed a haircut, but pday was already over, so guess who gave hime a haircut? 🙂 hahah me!! but that wasn’t until Wednesday night. I also gave Elder Y a haircut. Lets just say that O was practice… I didn’t do a bad job, but he moved a little bit and “whoops!!!” he got a part that was a little shorter than the rest of his hair. And it was right next to his ear so it was noticeable!! But he still had hair…so yea. 🙂 hahah Elder Y’s turned out a lot better! haha O was a little mad that night…but then the next morning you couldn’t even tell. His hair grows fast aparently. And then Wednesday we also went back to the S’ and apologized to them and I got them to like me again. 🙂 They told me afterwards that they never didn’t like me, but they’re glad that I’m staying. 🙂

Thursday Elder Y and Elder O had their leadership training meeting that morning, so I was with Elder T again. It was a fun exchange! haha we didn’t have like anything to do though because it was planning day, but I couldn’t plan without O, and he couldn’t without Y…so…. we went and did Mormon.org time and also cleaned my apartment a wee bit. Then O and Y got back, and we planned. And when we finally got out of our apartment at 6 we went to our appointments and after the first one we got a call from our Zone Leaders telling us that President wanted all of the cars parked. Well, we went and parked the car. But it was already too late to walk anywhere so….we had to stay in that night. 😛 But it was crazy!!! It was just misting and then like freezing super fast!! Like after our appointment that was 30 minutes long, our car was COVERED in ice. It was only like half an inch thick but still!!

So then Friday morning we wake up and…. Our power is out. O.o the storm took that out! So we had to wait until like 8:30 to do anything cuz we had no power. And then we saw outside. It snowed!!!!!!!! There was SNOW IN TEXAS!!!!! 😀 haha but it had partially melted and become ice. So that day we had to walk. But it was like melting while we were walking so we thought Saturday would be fine. Anyway, we walk an hour over to our area that we really work in, and then we kinda get stuck in a time problem cuz we had to be somewhere in 15 minutes…and it’d take like 45 minutes to get there. So, guess who came to the rescue! The S Family!!! So they helped us out. And then they took us to our dinner appointment and then our dinner appointment, the S’s, took us to our appointment with A and Al. 🙂 He was a truck like dad’s dual wheeler so it was like a tank in this weather!

But then Saturday was worse….eveything that had melted became solid ice and it was thick and not breaking at all!!! So what took us an hour to walk the day before took us an hour and 45 minutes because O kept slipping. I can honestly say I did not slip once! 😀 haha but I got close several times. 🙂 hehe and that day we taught A and B and their daughter S again! It was an awesome lesson!!!!! S just like called her parents out for not reading and not going to church and not taking her to church because she had already read the Book of Mormon a little bit, wants to read the whole thing, and already received an answer that it was true! She is awesome!!!! And she is only 14!!! So hopefully everything will go well with them. 🙂 But after that, we were stranded on the east side of town, everything food wise was shut down, so we needed help….so we called A!! And he came to our rescue so we were able to eat dinner at our apartment. 🙂 And we were slipping left and right in his truck. I’m SO glad that we weren’t able to drive the cars this weekend!!! haha but then….we couldn’t find a ride back out, and it would have taken us all of the time we had just to walk to and from our appointments, so we were told to stay in that night. 😛

Then yesterday was better. 🙂 Church was cancelled….but everything started to melt after 1 so that was good. A and A helped us out so much yesterday! They saw us walking and so they gave us a ride to the East side and we had awesome lessons! Pray for J and S that they can keep feeling the Spirit as they read! And thtat they’ll still be free to come to church this Sunday. 🙂 And then around 3, we got permission to drive the cars again!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!! But just until sundown…but that was fine!!!!!! haha 🙂 So we had a last lesson with the B’s, all the daughters and the mom, they’re preparing for missions, the one’s who like Once Upon a Time, yea they’re moving…sad day…but the lesson was awesome cuz guess who our exchange was!!! A!!!! 😀 and he was LEGIT!!!! He is like the BEST EXCHANGE EVER!!!!!! Yea and then we had dinner with the B’ again and then we went over to the Ba’s to watch the Christmas Devotional. 🙂 We had to walk there, but they gave us a ride home. 🙂

And then today we got permission to drive the car after 11 so that’s why we got here a wee bit late! 🙂 And thankfully the library wasn’t closed today! Everything has been closed this last weekend! It was SO crazy. 🙂 hahaha it was like the end of the world aparently. Members were telling us that Walmart looked like people were buying stuff just to buy it and shelfs were comepletely empty all over the place. The Post Office shut down, most things shut down. There were TONS of car accidents. The fire department put chains on their tires. 🙂 That was funny to see and to hear. 🙂 but yea, good fun week and I have never been sooooo thankful for a car and that I don’t live in snow! 🙂 haha


So yea, I told you about all the investigators that are progressing a little bit right now. Just pray that they can all come to church! And pray that we can find Z again…cuz he has disappeared…. 😛 And yea. 🙂

I hope y’all have a great and marvelous week!!!! 🙂 I love y’all so much and can feel y’alls prayers!!! Keep them up, they’re always needed! And don’t forget to be member missionaries and to always look for opportunites to share the gospel!! Like sleep overs and ugly sweater parties. 😉 hehe 🙂

I love you to the moon and back forever and ever!!!! 🙂

Elder Josh Andersen 🙂ImageImage






P.S. from Shelley—as a mom I am so thankful for a Mission President who clearly has each of his missionaries in mind and ‘grounded the fleet’ when the ice storm hit, put my worries at ease.

Please let me know if you want Joshs physical address to write or send him anything since the address on here is for the Mission home and he will not get it as quickly


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