Happy New Year!!!!

So first off, that was probably the funnest phone call of my life!!!! Thank y’all sooooooo much. 🙂 I loved talking to y’all soooo much!!!!! 🙂 But there are a few things I want to say that I forgot to say in the phone call…hahaha 🙂 and I realized it after I hung up….hahaha 🙂

Anyway, so first off. Did you like the shirts I got y’all?! I loved all the ones I got you!!!! Mom, yours was more for the comical side…not really the best fit but hey. And same with Britt’s. But Brooke’s and Dad’s were legit!!!!! 🙂 hahaha

So for the rest of Christmas, we watched Ephraim’s Rescue, I still like 17 Miracles better but it was good, and then we had dinner with the M family. They made ham, and I actually liked it! And I HATE ham!!! So that was cool. 🙂 And then another member took us out to McDonalds, but the dinning room was closed and only the drive thru was open, so then we went back to their house and spent the rest of the night with them.

Then Thursday, kinda an awkward day cuz it was the day after Christmas, we had planning and that took a while. And it took a little longer because we were planning as if the areas were split again because tomorrow Elder Y gets his new marshallese companion. For dinner we went over to the W house and they fed us a nice Christmas dinner. 🙂 Their family came into town the day after Christmas, so that’s the day they celebrated. They had a less active son come from Phoenix too and so that was cool talking to him about the Gilbert Temple….but he kinda shut me down when I tried to talk a little bit more about the gospel. 😛 hahah oh well. 🙂 They had a cool family. 🙂 Then we went over to a few other families and shared a Christmas message with them (even though it was the day after). 🙂

Random thought! Did I tell y’all how for Christmas Eve after caroling we went to the B dance studio, had dinner, but then how I shared the spiritual message? Yea the premise of what I kept sharing with everyone was, “Do you have room for the Savior? Are you going to be like the innkeeper or are you going to be like the shepherds?” Yea, sound familiar? Like something we sang last year in Sacrament meeting? Yea. 🙂 I kept having that song stuff in my head, and I don’t have it, so I just decided to teach about it. 🙂 haha

Anyway, back to the week. 🙂 Friday we kinda had a slow afternoon but it was ok because the night was good. 🙂 We went over and taught A and A Babout the priesthood and talked to them about R, A’s brother, and how we want them to do most of the teaching and following up so that their testimonies can grow from this experience too. They are soooo awesome!!! They were like, “Yea sure! Of Course! We’ll share everything that we know!” Yea, they are the best members ever!!!!!!! 😀 After that we met up with C cuz we were exchanging with the other elders from Stephenville (district leader) and were meeting in Granbury, but we didn’t have miles, so C offered to help us out. 🙂 So we exchanged and Elder F was with me and Elder Y. When we got back to Cleburne we taught C in the church and it was a super cool experience! So he is still having a really hard time with the whole family situation that’s going on, and he’s kinda getting mad at God, and we were like, “Wow, you just made a promise with God and so he’s going to bless you, don’t like just turn on God now!” And so then we gave him a blessing. 🙂 That was cool too! Because Elder Y was prompted to do a blessing of healing, when I was like, “uhh this just needs to be comfort,” but then in the blessing we realized why. The blessing specifically talked about how the blessing would heal him spiritually and physically because what he was going through was taking a toll on both. So that was awesome!!!!

Then Saturday was such a slow day!!! but we taught a lot of good lessons and had a good time. 🙂 We went to the S family that day and taught them and also gave their daughter’s baby a blessing (idk why, but giving baby blessings are funny cuz the baby never holds still!) and then we went and had a baptismal interview for Elder F to do. Then we had dinner with C and we had burgers. 🙂 Then we took C to the B’s with us to teach R and that was an interesting lesson. Because R is interested in the church and how it’s made such a difference in his sister’s life, and like he’ll go to church cuz he’s noticed a small difference in his life, but he doesn’t want to really learn too much right now….so it’ll just be interested teaching him. 🙂 He already sees changes and sees blessings, we just need to help him understand the “WHY” behind it all. 🙂 Because like he already has noticed a difference in our church versus any other church too. 🙂 haha then C took us to Stephenville and we exchanged back and then drove back home. So that was a 2 hour drive there and back. 🙂 haha

One funny thing that happened was that I was slipping in and out of sleep the whole ride there, and Elder F was just out cold, and then C and Elder Y were talking. Then C decides that he wants to scare me and F. So he slams on his brakes and screams and gets Elder Y to scream too. Well, my heart was pounding after just cuz it made me think of the other car crash in my mission, but all I did was open my eyes. And F didn’t even wake up!! haha so that backfired in their faces, but it was funny nevertheless. 🙂 hahah C is a funny guy. 🙂 haha

Then yesterday was nice and calm. 🙂 Only three of our investigators came to church, including R. And we fasted because we have an investigator, C, who has been waiting to be baptized but she has to get approval from the 1st presidency. Well, it was suppose to take 2 weeks and it’s been over a month now. So we fasted with her for something to happen and it was a super spiritual experience! One thing that happened was that C’s main fellowshipper came up to her and she mentioned that she was fasting, and then he told her that he was fasting too and didn’t know why, he just had a feeling to do it, and then after talking to her he figured out what the reason was for! So that was super cool and she told us that even if she doesn’t get an answer and doesn’t get baptized the day we fasted for, her faith has still grown and she is so thankful for the gospel. 🙂 yea she is solid too! Then other highlights of the day, Elder Y became like my favorite companion just by helping me and talking with me, A was interviewed to get the priesthood and I watched them fill out a tithing slip and they were so excited to pay it for the first time, we taught some really cool lessons, and we finally found S again!!!! She’s been like under the radar since last transfer……but we finally found her, and she has a phone now so we can actually get ahold of her!!! And she told us that she will be baptized but since she’s a minor she has to talk with her family. Yea, she told US that. She is super smart and just soaks everything up! We’re hoping that getting her to go to church will help her family though and soften their hearts to allow S to be baptized, and then later they will eventually be baptized as well. 🙂 yea so it was an awesome night!

And then, because of the next week and the unknown adventures that it holds in store for me, I asked Elder Y for a blessing of comfort and it was awesome! It was cool cuz I totally could tell when it switched from Elder Y talking, to Heavenly Father talking to me through Elder Y. Blessings are awesome! 🙂 hahah


As for Hump Day…yea that’s weird…and the fact that in a year I’ll be home is even more weird and I don’t wanna talk about it. 😛 Hump day is in more than a week too! It’s like next Thursday or something….so I still have time!!! 🙂 But I do think that it is a blessing to have my hump day (or “I have a year left mark”) so close to New Year’s Day because my new years resolutions are directly related to my goals that I have for the last half of my mission. 🙂 I’m excited for this next year, and I think it is soooo weird that last year right now, I was giving my farewell talk and preparing to leave. 🙂 hahah crazy right? 🙂 Time truly does fly! Especially when you are “anxiously engaged in a good cause” (DyC 58:26-27) 🙂 haha

Besides that, I have nothing to report! 🙂 hahaha

I love y’all to the moon and back forever and ever! 🙂 I absolutely love the new scriptures and the book of testimonies! Tell Alicia and Chloe that their testimonies really touched me this last week for some reason. Yours and Dad’s too. 🙂 Love you!!! 🙂

And btw, I’m jealous of the blue tie you gave Elder Y……it’s an awesome tie! haha

 Love Elder Josh Andersen 🙂


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