Snakes terriying Minions

So another week down and it went by WAY too fast!!!

So Monday we went and played soccer with the Solis family, like y’all know, cuz we had to email Tuesday. 🙂 Monday holidays are the WORST when you are a missionary. No mail and no email. That’s like what makes a pday a pday!! haha 🙂 Tuesday night we went by a few different investigators, but we only set up appoinments with them. We also went by a few different members so that Elder B could say goodbye to them and stuff.

Then Wednesday morning I stayed with Elder M and Elder Y drove with Elder B up to Hurst for transfers, and because Elder Y had to get a new car…which now we now that his car was actually suppose to be MY car… 😛 and it’s a SUPER nice 2014, brand spanking new, Toyota Corolla!! Yea a wee bit jealous, but we got a new car on Saturday so all worked out. 🙂 But yea, them getting the new car took FOREVER!!! So Elder M and I actually went to a few Spanish lessons and it was fun. 🙂 Just speaking spanish and then translating for him. haha 🙂

Elder M finally got to Cleburne around 2. His last area was Arlington, so it is SO much different for him here. Like he came from a Spanish ward, a bike area, and a gigantic city. Here it is an English ward with a Spanish group, a car area, and it’s a small city. 🙂 haha and we mainly speak English here because that’s what most people in Cleburne that we meet and talk to speak. Only appointments with investigators, some of the Spanish members, and when we randomly contact hispanics, is when we speak Spanish. And I’m trying to speak more Spanish, all the time, because President Ames actually asked all of us to do that, but it’s a little hard for me to do that because I want my companion to understand me…so I’m doing a lot of repeating. 🙂 haha a sentence in Spanish and then the same sentence in English. 🙂 hahaha

But yea, so Elder M is from Utah He is terrified of snakes, like it’s an irrational fear, but I’ll get to that latter. 🙂 He is the youngest in his family, and is actually a twin! Fraternal twins. And also the tallest one in his family…haha.

Wednesday night I took Elder M to go meet a bunch of people and most of our appointments punched… 😛 and yea that is when Elder M started to freak out because we don’t speak Spanish that much…even with the Spanish members!! When they know English, they prefer to speak to us in that because they can. It’s like, “I’m educated and can actually speak English, please do so, please.” 🙂 haha But yea, that was fun to test out his spanish though. And well, lets just say I am SO thankful for the gift of tongues and that I can learn fast and that I learned Spanish the way I did. So Thankful!!! Because Elder M has been out for about 7 months, about the same time I had when Elder H was my companion and I became senior comp, and yea…there is a difference in our Spanish. but he knows slang because he was in the ghetto of Arlington. So…yea. That might be a challenge, but he is SO much more open to me helping him with his Spanish than Elder B was. 🙂

Thursday we had weekly planning and a ton of appointments…and most of them punched. NO!!!! But we did get some good lessons in that day. 🙂 Like Great Lessons!!! Friday we went to Chili’s for lunch with the other elders because our apartment complex gave us gift cards!! 😀 haha sometimes we go and pass things out for them to all of the apartments and then every so often they get us gift cards for restaurants!! 😀 Fair enough deal I think. 🙂 🙂 hehe And then after that we went by a bunch of different people who were really far away from Cleburne that we had records of. Like old investigators and less actives. Well we found this one lady, J, who 2 or 3 years ago was not ready for the gospel. She just didn’t like God because her mother had passed away, but now she is SUPER open to learning and really wants to come to our church!! She and her family went out of town this week so they couldn’t go to church, but next week for sure hopefully!!! People are being prepared, we just have to prayerfully find them and use what we have!! 🙂

Saturday is when we got the new car!!! 2013 Ford Fusion!!! It has less than 6000 miles on it and guess what!! It was the car that Sister Ames used to use!! hahahahaha 🙂 But it is SUPER nice and I am SOOOOO excited because it had a USB port in it so I can just plug my USB in and do music that way instead of CD’s. 🙂 And it also has blu tooth so our phone just syncs to it and I can talk on the phone while I drive. 🙂 Which will come in handy when people who only speak Spanish call. Because I’ll need to understand them and help Elder M out. 🙂 Then after that we went by some less actives and they were actually pretty cool. We basically found out that they were baptized because the missionaries wanted a number…… 😛 They didn’t have a testimony of the book of mormon and didn’t understand the importance of authority or their baptism. It was sad. 😦 But hopefully they’ll give the church another shot like they said they would!! We had dinner with A and A that night too and it was delicious!!! Chiken Alfredo (I think that’s how you spell it) and Texas Toast!!! SO GOOD!!!!!! XD haha we weren’t able to teach R, but we did end up teaching As mom and brother. And we totally found out that he has a TON of family!! hahaha 🙂 I don’t know why that topic didn’t come up before. haha 🙂 A was sick though, their 4 year old, so they weren’t able to go to church yesterday, so R didn’t go either. 😛

But we did have a miracle yesterday!!!!! We had two investigators at church!! Their names are A and F, and they are the sons of a less active member who was offended, and we didn’t think would ever come back to church, but she did!!!! Out of the blue she just came!!! And she recognized me and talked to me for a while. 🙂 Her name is V. Funny thing though. So now that we have the senior missionaries in the ward, they have been working a lot with the less actives. And this past week we went by a few different less actives, and they told us that not even 2 hours earlier the senior couple had come by. So I assumed that the senior couple had gone by V to get her to come. But nope!!! It was truly a miracle!!! And then another cool miracle that happened yesterday, we started to teach V’s cousin, who is also a member who’s less active, and her family. And all of her kids aren’t members! And they want to come back to church! V actually talked to them, the G family, right before we got there and told them that she had gone to church. 🙂 So yea, they are all sooooo ready and just need to come back to church and do it for their families!!! So just pray for us that we’ll be able to help them become active again in church so that their children can get baptized! 🙂

But yea, besides those miracles yesterday, we went by the S family and the B family for lunch. We had two lunches. 🙂 hehe 🙂 and the snake story happened with the Solis’!!!! haha so as we were leaving the S’, I was already outside and Elder M was walking to the door and he looked at the tank that they have next to their front door, which just happens to have a snake in it. Well, I have NEVER seen a person run that fast!!!!! He was out of that house SO FAST!!!!! hahahahahhaha we could not stop laughing!!! And it’s not even a poisonous snake!!! But he has an irrational fear of them. 🙂 so… yea. 🙂 hahahahahaha but yea, that was my week!!!! 🙂


And yes, Texas weather is CRAZY!!! Yesterday was beautiful!!! And today is freezing……haha it’s not the best when it comes to health either. hahah because the climate changes so fast, people don’t get use to it, and then they get sick. 😛 thank you btw for the Emergen-C!!! haha

And on our missionary website we can use we can actually hit a button to allow us to see the weather for the next 5 days. So that’s kinda nice…otherwise we just ask the members here. Or we just walk outside and do our personal evaluation of the days weather, and to be prepared I usually bring a jacket with me. 🙂 haha which nights here are like Arizona in the winter, where the temperature drops and drops fast! 🙂

We don’t really have plans for today. Just doing stuff and chores around the apartment. And we have zone conference sometime this next transfer, but we don’t know when yet.

Spring break trip to Texas! That’d be fun!!! 🙂 We’d just have to figure things out like where to stay and what not. But that’d be fun!!! 😀

And all is well with my new companion.

And as for things I need, I was actually wondering if you could send me something!!! A USB with all of the pictures that you have gotten from me, or from members, or anything that you’ve gotten pictures wise, on it!! Because I want to show the other elders people and stuff but I don’t have the pictures anymore from the MTC or Lewisville. I only have Denton’s pics (some of them, not the ones members sent) and Cleburne’s. And could you possible send some more protein?? 🙂 pretty please? chocolate. 🙂 haha sorry I’m only doing one scoop still but…it goes by fast!


Oh and it was so weird!! Last thought. 🙂 so AImageImage has a neice that looks like a Mexican version of Brittany…..same age and everything……..weird….. O.o haha


I love y’all to the moon and back forever and ever!! have a great one!!

Elder Josh Andersen 🙂

P.S. don’t forget that every member is a missionary!!! Find people for the elders to teach!!


Happy Hump Day-This week Josh will have been out a YEAR!!!


So this week was interesting. 🙂 Pday was fun. Kinda crazy going and getting things ready for Elder Y’s new companion and stuff. All of our plans fell through that night so that was fun 😛 and then we had to clean and try to move what we could over to Elder Y’s apartment. But we didn’t finish and so we had to continue doing that Tuesday morning. And besides, some stuff we couldn’t move like his bed and some of his food. But yea, and then also shopping was crazy because we couldn’t find anything in Walmart because they change everything SO often. So we went around the store like 5 times looking for different stuff.

Tuesday we did studies and everything and then we kept doing stuff for Elder Y’s apartment. We had to be in Hurst at 2, so we had to leave at 12:45 with our ride there. So before 12:45 we tried to help move stuff and clean stuff and what not. Since his apartment hadn’t been lived in for 3 weeks, it was a mess and it was fun. 🙂 haha we ended up getting to Hurst exactly at 2 and so we went inside the stake center expecting President to be there with the new missionary, but he wasn’t….but there were other missionaries there! haha I saw Elder Nand Elder Bwith a few other missionaries I know. They had interviews with President and he was late for them…by an hour. I guess he didn’t let them know that he was picking up a new missionary and would be late. 🙂 haha but President finally got there, around 3:20. 🙂 Not too late, right? Mormon standard time!

The new missionary is Elder M. He was born in the Marshall Islands, so he knows Marshallese, but he grew up in Hawaii and then moved to California and went to the MTC from there. So he did go to the MTC for 2 weeks and then came here. He is pretty cool and super chill! The first day his greenyness was on fire!!! It was soooooo funny and awesome!!! He was like, “Yea we’re going to baptize the entire state of Texas!!!!” It was awesome to be around that. 🙂 On the way home the member who took us to Hurst took us to this Texas BBQ and it was SUPER good!!!! BBQ here is good. 🙂 And thankfully I haven’t had it for a while, so it was good and not boring. 🙂 Then we got home and went our separate ways. Elder B and I went and stopped by a bunch of different people to set up appointments with them. And Elder Y and Elder M started their adventure as bike elders. 🙂 haha and it was a COLD day. So we eventually came and picked them up before we went in because they were too cold. And they were walking because Elder M doesn’t have a bike. So this last week Elder M has had to borrow my bike because he doesn’t have one

Wednesday we had district meeting and that was alright. Afterwards we came home and started going through our area book because we’re going to be going by a lot of the former investigators that are in our area book. So we had to sort that out (and we still aren’t finished) a little bit and then we went by a few people. Oh! Yea that was also New Year’s Day and so we went by this one family who is like halfway between less active and active in the church because it was one of the kids birthdays and so we went there and had dinner and stuff.

Thursday was planning and then we went by more former investigators. That night we actually went by S (I think I’ve talked about her and her family) and we went with that one family who I just talked about. Well, two of them. L and her younger brother E came with us. They are the most active ones in their family. And L is in Young Women’s so we brought her so that she could help talk to S about the YW’s program and stuff. 🙂 That night we also taught S’s sister in law D who seems really interested in the Gospel. And you can tell that Satan does not want this family in the church or something because they were going to come, but then some family emergency happened and someone in D’s family went to the hospital and so they couldn’t come to church. 😛 D is going to be S’s ride and stuff because her parents aren’t too supportive. But yea that was a good lesson. 🙂

Friday was kinda boring. But we did go to do and stuff and I was on Family Search and how cool is this!!! Through Grandma Holmes’ side we are related to a few of the Roman Emperors!!!! The furthest I could go back was 42 B.C. Ain’t that cool?! Anyway. Saturday was interesting. So we had ward correlation and the ward missionaries actually came! And we had a few appointments that were solid…or we thought so…but then they weren’t and then we got dropped by this one family who I thought was solid! 😛 sad day but then we kept going by past investigators and had some luck with that. 🙂 Then that night we taught A and A and that was a fun lesson!!! We watched the Testaments and had a good time. 🙂 Then we answered like a TON of questions that they had. 🙂 I love it because they just soak EVERYTHING up. 🙂 and then the other lessons we had that night kinda punched…. 😛

Then yesterday was an awesome Fast and Testimony meeting! It was just a good day. 🙂 Fasting was good and fun (kinda tempting since I made a cake for A’s bday cuz that was yesterday too but I resisted!! and they fasted too which was awesome!!!) We’ve been asked as missionaries to always bear our testimonies whenever fast Sunday comes up, so I did that, BUT this time I did it moreso because I felt like I should! It was that “butterflies in your stomach, you better go up there” kinda feeling. 🙂 It was good. So I did…haha 🙂 And it was cool because obviously I said something I needed to because a few people actually came up to me afterwards and talked to me about what I said. 🙂 As long as I’m an instrument in the Lord’s hands that is all that matters. 🙂 So I’ll do all I can to serve him and touch the lives of others that He wants me to touch. 🙂 Afterwards we had an exchange with Brother L, our Ward Mission Leader, and so I was stressed because we had appointments, but they weren’t as solid as I wished they were. The first house they didn’t answer, the second answered but she wasn’t feeling up to it because of what happened the night before, and then finally the third door let us in!! haha 🙂 And then we had a lesson with A and A and A’s cousin was actually there….so switch of plans!! haha we taught her the Restoration instead of the lesson we prepared. 🙂 haha gotta be ready for those! But that was awesome and her cousin, G, was super interested and wants to come to church next week. 🙂 Then we had dinner with the B’ and that was good. 🙂 Then we had a lesson with Sister B and her sons. We watched Finding Faith In Christ and then talked about it. It’s interesting….we’re not going to be teaching her sons (because that’s the English elders job) but because we are there for Sister B, we’re still going over there…..yea it’s confusing. 🙂 haha but tonight we’re actually doing a family night with them and watching 17 Miracles. 🙂 I’m excited for that! But yea, it was a good end of the week.

The only down side was that no one went to church.  

OH!!!! I almost forgot!!!! A GOT THE PRIESTHOOD!!!!!! We ordained him yesterday after church!!!!! 🙂 It was AMAZING!!!!!!! He’s sooooo excited and he can’t wait to use it to bless others! 🙂 Yea they are like the most amazing people ever! 🙂


Except! I do need more chocolate protein! 🙂 Since I’ve been working out harder in the mornings, and so the protein is actually doing more for me, I’ve been using a little bit more than usual. 🙂 But it’s showing. 🙂 hahahaha

And YES! For Hump Day I burn a shirt. 🙂 So I will be doing that and hopefully we’ll go somewhere to eat that day. 🙂 I’m making one of my shirts tye dye today! hahaha 🙂 Hopefully, if we don’t forget. 🙂 And yes, I have enough shirts that I can tye dye one and burn another and still be ok. 🙂 I have an amazing family that helped prepare me before my mission. 🙂


And Thank you for the Chili’s gift card when I get it!!! 🙂 🙂 I love y’all!!!


So yea, that was my week. 🙂 Nothing special, nothing not special. I set some good goals for the next year too. 🙂 BTW look up Proverbs 29:18. Good Scripture for the new year. 🙂 And I like the term “goals” better than “new year’s resolution.” I feel like “goals” are accomplished more often. 🙂

I love y’all sooooo much!!! Love you to the moon and back forever and ever and always and for eternity and I can’t remember what else we’ve added to that list!! 🙂 haha


Elder Josh Andersen 🙂Image