The Gilbert Temple is amazing!!! I’ll just be patient and go in a year :)

So that is AWESOME about the Gilbert temple!!!! I’m soooo impressed with yall’s missionary efforts with yall’s friends and stuff and with the Gilbert Temple. I mean, how often does something like this even happen?! Not often so good job for taking advantage of it!!!!! :

And don’t worry about going to Disneyland without me. Just make sure you take lots of pictures for me, ride that one ride (Goofy’s plane thingy) and go get pizza from Pizza Port. 🙂 That’s all I ask of y’all. 🙂 hahahahaha

Anyway, so my week!!!!

Monday was a good day. 🙂 Pday was calm and relaxing, kinda, haha sorry I forgot to write y’all…haha but that’s why we have repentance right?! 🙂 and that night we went by a few different people, but they all punched. And then a funny thing that happened! So Sister S cancelled on us because her husband was kinda sick, but when we got the texts, they were all blank…so we didn’t know what that meant and we just went over anyway!! 🙂 hahah and when we went over it was like perfect timing cuz she had just gotten home. And then she was like, “wait, I cancelled.” and we were like, “you did?” hahaha 🙂 But then she asked us to give her husband a blessing so we did and then we had a cool lesson. 🙂 Just helped explain things out in the Book of Mormon and stuff. 🙂 Then we went over to the B and read a chapter from the Book of Mormon with them, and I went and gave S (the 17 year old) two pictures that he emailed me that I printed out so he could do my scripture covers. And holy cow!!! He only did the Book of Mormon one, but it looks sooooooooooo legit!!!!! I sent you a picture it!!!! It has a picture of my mission as well as a picture of the Gilbert Temple on it!!!!! 😀 I love them!!! but he didn’t finish that one until this weekend, so I’m getting ahead of myself. 🙂

Tuesday was kidna a blah day…. We had a bunch of appointments punch throughout the afternoon but then things worked out during the night. 🙂 We ended up going over to one of our new investigators and had a lesson with him…he kinda has interesting views…but it’ll all work out. 🙂 Then we went over to A with R and had a quick lesson. It wasn’t too bad, but we feel like R is getting back into the same bad stuff that he just got out of….so pray for him!!! He needs it.

Then Wednesday we had Zone Training. That’s just like a meeting of all the missionaries in our zone and stuff. I saw Poulsen though and it’s soo funny how much we get along now, and how like he misses me as his companion. hahahah who would’ve known right? 🙂 hahah but that was good. I had to give a training, that wasn’t so good. But that’s just cuz I don’t like giving trainings….hahaha Afterwards we went to Rosa’s Cafe like usual for lunch. Then we had dinner with the H family again .But then after that we went over to the T family. A less active family in our ward that wants to go to church, but they work on Sunday. 😛 well we went over and had a good lesson with them! They are also a part member family, so we’re trying to help them out!

Then Thursday was planning day. And this is like seriously the most dreaded day among most missionaries. I like it cuz I need to plan for my investigators and we can receive revelation for them….but lets just say every one of my companions has hated this day in some way, shape, or form. And I don’t blame them. I understand their views. 🙂 Cuz it can be super boring!!! haha But that day was hard and we only taught one lesson….and it was basically because of the English and Spanish Classes. So a less active showed up to the Spanish class and so we were teaching him and his sister and because we were teaching them all gospel terms and stuff, we turned it into a lesson at the end. 🙂 but we had the two of them come and then also another member from the ward. White member, I’ve barely ever talked to him. But still that’s good!!! 😀

Then, Valentines Day!!! 😀 el dia de los corazones!! 🙂 hahaha the day of hearts. 🙂 We started the day with service with the S’s, the ones with all of the star wars stuff. 🙂 We unloaded over 200 manikins that they sell. They get them from China and then sell them on Amazon a make about $80 proffit on every one that they sell. Which is awesome!! And then they also do everything on a cash basis so they don’t have ANY debt. They only buy something if they have the cash for it. I think that’s wise. 🙂 I know that’s hard, but I wanna try it someday. But anyway, they fed us donuts and they were delicious!! haha and then after that we had lunch with the S’s, the senior couple in our ward. We went over this list of 218 names of people that Bishop wants us to find and stuff. Then we had brother W call us and ask for help and service. So we went over to his place and helped put the metal roofing on a garage that he built, like not a garage on a house, but like the metal kinds that are apart from the house. That make sense? Either way it was cool, and he only trusted me to do the drilling and do all of the technical stuff. It was cool cuz it showed that he trusts me and respects me, and that is HUGE if you have that with this guy. Brother W is the guy with all the guns. The guy that I’d go to if there was a zombie apocalypse. 🙂 And then that night we went by a few people, but the coolest part was that we went over to B and J, A B’s mom and brother. And guess who was there!!! A!!! She wasn’t suppose to be but she went anyway. And she doesn’t really like her mother in law, but we convinced her to just be Christlike, so it was AWESOME seeing her there!!! And quick note!! B and J went to church yesterday!!! But not to the right church…..they forgot where it was….so next week we’re going to guide them to church. 🙂 But yea, we taught the plan of salvation and it was awesome!!! They loved it!!!

Then Saturday we had ward correlation meeting with Brother L and that was good. Kinda long, but good! And then it was kinda sucky….ALL of our appointments punched, but we were suppose to go to the Black’s to help S and K with their math homework (since I could help them and am the only elder that can) and Sister B told us that if our appointments punched just to come over early. So we did that and we had a good time with S and K!! We helped them out and then we also had a lesson with them But then after that we went over to the Ts to help them get to church and they said they were going to go!! But never showed up…..they were just gonna come for a little while and then go to work. Hopefully next week!! And then we also went by the Gfamily to remind them about church. They were having a birthday party for their daughter, B, and it was a fun party. They gave us a TON of food to take home….


But yea, this week was good. I got a letter every single day!! That has never happened before. And I got a lot of random letters for people!!! hahaha


Anyway, I love y’all to the moon and back forever and ever and always and for eternity!!! 🙂

I hope y’all have a great week!! Don’t forget about me next monday when y’all are in Disneyland. 🙂 hehehe

Elder Josh Andersen 🙂ImageImageImage


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