Blessed to be in Cleburne for another 6 weeks! :)

Hola Familia!!! 🙂 Ok so I’ll explain why I’m on earlier and stuff. 🙂 Because the library here in Cleburne is stupid, the Barrus’ have graciously offered their Plaza theatre computers for us to use during Pday. 🙂 I love this family!!! But we have to email from 8 to 10 because the Plaza opens at 10 and so we can’t use the computers then.

But yea, so this morning we got the call and nothing is happening to us!!! 🙂 I get to stay in Cleburne for another 6 weeks and work with the people here more!! 😀 Which makes me excited because there is a lot that we can still do here. 🙂 Yesterday after fasting I didn’t “know” for a fact that I was staying, but I didn’t have the feeling like I was leaving like I’ve had in my other areas. Oh! And Elder Y is going to Flower Mound!!! 😀 That was part of my greenie area!!! 🙂 So I’m excited for him. 🙂

So now for my week because if I don’t do it soon then I won’t be able to remember because I don’t have my other planner with me, because we started a new planner today! BTW new planners are always super fun but SUPER weird too. It’s weird that another 6 weeks just like disappeared!

So Monday we went and had a family night with the S’s again. They actually told us that we couldn’t (time crunch), but we had some of their dishes from missionaries before me so I figured we’d return them because they’re getting ready to move. 😛 And no I’m not happy about that!! But we went over to give the dishes back and then they let us in, then they let us talk for a bit, and then IT happened……

M got sick. And I’m not just saying sick, like SICK!!! Worse than my food poisoning. He went to the bathroom and came back a while later and was pale. His lips were even pale! So we got him home as fast as possible and I called the other elders over so we could give him a blessing. Well first we just thought that he had a stomach bug and stuff. Well….around 11pm we found out differently. The other elders ended up leaving at 10:30 (rules) and so we didn’t give M a blessing. Well around 11pm Elder M was in a TON of pain. Like so much pain that he wasn’t crying because it was hurting so much for him. So I had to call President and he had the area doctor call us and talk to Elder M. Well, the pain just stayed around until about 1am and I couldn’t do much for him. He wouldn’t let me be in the bedroom at the same time and he was just laying on the ground in pain. So I just listened to him wailing in pain (no joke, wailing is the way I’d describe it) until 1 when he finally fell asleep. So then I went to sleep. And then the next morning he felt better, kinda, but wasn’t really allowed to do much. So the other elders came over to study with me and stuff and then when we had lessons I went out with Elder Ma and taught with him. Around dinner he finally felt better again and so we went by a few different people. 🙂 BTW I have never prayed SO EARNESTLY for someone. It was a very, humbling, experience because after what happened to Elder M, my prayers have been a LOT more sincere and heart felt, which they should have always been. But yea, that was a roller coaster of a day!!! Like the video you sent me of Screaming, like that. 🙂

Wednesday we had district meeting and then we had a blah afternoon to take it easy for Elder M. We ended up just going out to Alvarado (which is like 15 miles away from Cleburne….we had to burn miles or else we’d lose them!! because M was sick we didn’t use too many) and trying to find members on this list that Bishop gave us. We then went to the S’s really quick and shared a lesson with them really quick. Then we had dinner with the H’s again and that was fun. 🙂 They are a fun family too!! I am really happy I’m staying another 6 weeks so I can spend more time working with the people here that I love!! Anyway, then after them we went to mutual to teach the Young Women a lesson about the Plan of Salvation. It was good, and what was even cooler was the fact that J went to mutual again!!! 😀 So that was a good night.

Thursday we had weekly planning, but once again it didn’t happen like it should have. Weekly planning is like the most important thing of the week, and yet it’s SO hard to do!!! It’s not hard, but just the situation itself is hard. hahaha anyway… So we ended up going to Alvarado again that day and we actually found some of the members we were looking for!! And we found a Texas talker…. ever heard of one of those? Well lets just say that they talk, SO MUCH!!! They make how much Brittany talks look like nothing! 🙂 hehehe just kidding Britt! Anyway, we talked to him and then we had to hurry home to Cleburne for our dinner appointment. And that was cool!! We went to an Italian restaurant and it was delicious!!! And the members we ate with were the first temple president and matron for the Lubbock Texas temple!!! So they were knowledgeable and we had good conversations. 🙂 And then we had to rush to a few of our different appointments. 🙂 But everything ended up working out that night. 😀

Friday we ended up doing weekly planning during our companionship study because we didn’t have time to do it any other time. And then we ended up going to Alvarado again. 🙂 haha we didn’t have too many people open up to us though. But we tried. 🙂 We were running out of miles though and so we were heading back. Well, the other elders were also in Alvarado (burning miles) and they found someone who had buffalo….so of course they called us up, picked us up (yes they had that many miles that they could come find us, pick us up, take us to the buffalo, and then take us back!) and then we saw the buffalo!!! They are cool looking. 🙂 hahaha and then we went and had dinner at Taco Bell because we didn’t have much time to go back home and make anything. And then we had a lesson with B and Jo. 🙂 They are progressing so well!!! But they didn’t come to church this week, so I don’t know what’s up with that… 😛 But yea that was good!!! And then we went to the Ts family. 🙂 If I haven’t talked about them, it’s a family of all girls, so we teach them outside usually unless some random guy is over, and they are less active, but they have a daughter who is 9 who wants to be baptized. 🙂 Well we taught them and they actually did come to church finally!!! We’ve been working with C, the 19 year old, to try and get her to get work off Sunday’s so she can go to church….we tried but she won’t ask for time off. But C wants to go to church too, all the girls do, and so she finally asked and got it off!!! YES!!! But yea so we went over and taught them. And that night was SUPER nice weather, not like right now.

BTW it’s snowing right now here in Cleburne. It didn’t snow yesterday, but it is snowing right now and our car said it was 17 degrees outside. O.o yea…Texas is crazy. hahaha 🙂

Saturday we had ward correlation and then we went by a few different people and then we started our fast. President asked us to do a special fast, or in other words, actually fast for 24 hours and truly prepare ourselves for it, so we ended up doing a lunch at 3ish so that we could start our fast at 4 because we were going to have dinner with the B’ at 4 on Sunday. Well, it was fun to do a full 24 hour fast again!!! Super spiritual. 🙂 I definitely am going to do that more often, and do it with a good purpose and plan it out beforehand and stuff. Be prepared to fast!! 🙂 That’s the way to do it. 🙂 But then that night all of our plans had to get pushed to the side because M had to go to the urgent care in Burleson…and that was fun. I studied scriptures and listened to Elf play in the waiting room. “Buddy the elf, what’s your favorite color?” 🙂 hahahahaha and then Elder M found out that he most likely has kidney stones…so that was the reason for the horrible pain, and the continuous pain since then. So now he is on some pain killers (which he won’t take cuz he’s heard bad stories about them….btw his entire family has drug problems) and then other antibiotics and those made him hallucinate. Yea…that was weird!!!

Today we have an awesome FHE planned out with the S and R family! (the wives are sisters) and yea that should be awesome!!! 🙂 That’s all we have really planned for today though. 🙂

Oh so the only thing that’s gonna be interesting now because of this transfer is that the next transfer is the 16th of April…so right before my birthday and I will definitely be transferred then. So…I’ll probably just have to celebrate an early birthday or something?? I don’t know. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. 🙂

Oh and I did get the package!!! Thank you!!! and no it didn’t get me trunky, and yes I’m excited to go. And if we go I’m fine with going for a few days if we go to the fancy hotel. 🙂 hehe we can just do the thing that we did last time where we just extend the tickets afterwards and get the passes for uber cheap! 😀 hahaha and I loved the videos y’all sent. They were fun. 🙂 I really liked them. And don’t worry, they don’t make me trunky. I like seeing y’all happy and doing stuff. 🙂 And hearing your voices is fun. 🙂

Well I love you to the moon and back forever and ever and always! 🙂

Elder Josh Andersen 🙂


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