What is this crazy thing you call, “Spring Break?” Doesn’t exist as a missionary. :) haha

So this week was eventful and weird and different but overall good and amazing!! Full of miracles and blessings. 😀

So first off, Monday was kinda a crazy/relaxing day. Elder Y and Elder M were running around EVERYWHERE trying to see as many people as possible before Elder Y left. His total time in Cleburne ended up being like 7 months, or 5 transfers. I’m gonna end up being here for at least 5 1/2 months, or 4 transfers. So yea…when you are in an area for THAT long you really get attached to certain people and really love them! But yea, while they were running around, we weren’t. 🙂 haha we had an AWESOME Family Home Evening with the S family and the R family!! Sister S and Sister R are sisters, so they are actually really happy that we’re starting to do the FHE’s with both families because it’s getting the families to be closer.

Anyway, we had a movie playing (Ephraim’s Rescue) and then we just talked about the gospel and any questions that they really had. 🙂 We also learned how to make my favorite hispanic dish!! Chicken Flautas!!! And then my favorite mexican drink!!! Horchata!!!! 😀 It’s the best!!! And I know you know about it because Buh has talked about it in her emails. 🙂 hahahahaha But yea so we got a cooking lesson but also got a real lesson in which was good and it strengthened BOTH families!

Tuesday was pretty crazy too…. We ended up having to go to Burleson again to the CareNow there for M because we weren’t sure if he had kindey stones, it was just a hunch. And we went, the blood in his urine got worse so they ordered a CT scan for him. But that wasn’t until Wednesday morning. Tuesday night we went to a few different families, including the B’ who fed the other elders and us a snack of pizza. 🙂 It was a snack because we couldn’t stay long enough to really eat with them. And Elder Y was again running around frantically like a chicken with his head cut off trying to see everyone before he got transferred. And then that night we kinda spent it with Elder Y and Elder M before we went to bed so that we could say goodbye and help him out however we could. He was overwhelmed…haha

And then dreaded Wednesday…yea I’ll admit. I didn’t like it. 😦 It was like losing a best friend when Elder Y left. He even said that to me! haha but he said he’s definitely going to try and make it to my homecoming! 🙂 which that’ll be fun!! I already volunteered our house to him as a place he could stay…so….sorry about that. 🙂 hehehehehe but that’s what you do for best friends right? Yea..anyway. So that wasn’t fun seeing him go and then ever since it’s been kinda weird…you’d have to know Elder Y, but he is just that kind of a person that he influences everyone and when he’s gone and that influence isn’t there, it’s weird . That night we went to mutual to check up on J because he’s been going every Wednesday and he was there and really enjoying it!! We can totally tell that he is breaking out of his shell!! But I’ll talk about that later. 🙂 Then while we were there Sister S stopped us and asked us for a blessing and it was really cool!! We gave her the blessing (she wasn’t feeling good, ribs were super sore and she couldn’t move that easily because of it) and guess what!!! She was completely healed the next morning!!!!!! She woke up and felt great!!! So yea, that was AWESOME!!!! The Priesthood is AMAZING!!!! 😀 after mutual we went over by C again and taught them.

Thursday we had planning,  Friday we finished planning, a little bit, and then we did some mormon.org. 🙂 I downloaded all the videos I could for Hastening the Work of Salvation in Spanish that I could! Cameron Barrus (one of the sons) is going to put them together for me and make me a DVD so I can show some of the Hispanic members. 🙂 And btw, y’all should watch all of the videos on that website!!! Maybe an FHE? 🙂 hahahaha then that night we had dinner with the Warren’s and that was good. They are super cool members!! Very involved in working with less active members which is always good. 🙂 Then we had an awesome lesson with J!! B wasn’t there…but I think that was meant to be. 🙂 J totally opened up to us!!! He really likes the church and the Book of Mormon!! We asked him if he noticed a change in his life or anything different because we come over and then he told us how he’s noticed that he’s less shy and that he’s been happier in life. We can tell he’s changing for the better and he loves it too!!! It’s awesome what the gospel does for people!!! Then we went over to the C’s and taught them a lesson and then we went to C and taught her and her sisters again. Oh!! And L, C’s little sister who isn’t baptized, really want to be baptized and we are planning on having a baptism for her the beginning of April ish. 🙂 So just keep that in the back of your mind. 🙂

Saturday we had ward correlation and then we went by a few different people, mainly just trying to find people..haha.

Then Sunday…stupid daylight savings time. 😛 Arizona has got to be the BEST state because we don’t do stupid daylight savings time!!! WE LOST AN HOUR OF SLEEP!!! Well, we actually lost more because we actually had to wake up earlier because of Ward Council… Church was good yesterday. No one came though…but it was good. 🙂 We set up some good stuff with some members for throughout the week. 🙂 After we had lunch with the B’ and an AMAZING lesson with them!!! They are SO excited for sharing the gospel with their friends and family!!! They didn’t really have too many ideas of what to say, so that’s what we helped them with. 🙂 I didn’t realize how I have this “missionary mindset” right now and so I think about how to tie ANYTHING back to the gospel. So we helped them out with that and helped them start to get that mindset. 🙂 Then we taught the J’s…we’re trying to help them be more active cuz that ain’t happening right now. 😛 Then we taught A again and R finally!!! Then we taught C’s mom finally too!!! It’s been forever since we’ve talked to her…but it was good because now she knows that Lwants to be baptized and she’s going to try and make it to it whenever it is!! 🙂 And then we went over to the C’s because it was A’s birthday, one of the daughters there that we work with. 🙂

But yep!!! That was my week. 🙂 Kinda blah, kinda full of medical stuff, kinda not. 🙂 It was a good week though. Especially for being a transfer week where nothing happened to me! That’s always weird for me because it’s like, “What do we do?” but it was good this time. 🙂 Just weird without Elder Y…and yes, I miss that guy!!

I love you to the Moon and Back Forever and Ever and Always!!! 🙂

Love Elder Josh Andersen 🙂




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