4th Of July!!!

Hola Familia!!! 🙂
So I really want to write a whole email in spanish one of these times….but I know y’all won’t be able to understand it….and it won’t translate it write if you put it through google translate….and I know someone could just help out with it but…english is easier anyway. 🙂
So this week was another good one full of jokes and learning and trying to find stuff to do on the 4th. 🙂 haha the 4th of July is like the worst day for spanish speaking missionaries because NO ONE wants to talk to you and they’re all drunk……….yea….haha 🙂
But anyway. 🙂 So on Monday we went over to the C like normal for our Noche de Hogar. 🙂 It was good!!! We watched the Restoration and then Special Witnesses of Christ to talk about prophets and how Joseph Smith was a prophet and so it President Monson. 🙂
Tuesday we had an interesting day. 🙂 But it was one of the best for the entire week!! Which that NEVER happens for spanish speaking missionaries. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are like the worst days for us to work with….they’re just hard. No one is usually home. BUT we had an awesome day. 🙂 How you may ask? 🙂 We contacted people and just followed the spirit!!! We had a feeling to go to a few different places. We didn’t know why, we just knew that there were people in that area that needed us to find them. 🙂 So we went there and we talked to SO many people!!! People were EVERYWHERE!!! Hispanics and others alike!!! 🙂 We taught a bunch of different people too. It was cool because I kinda was afraid before, like “what if we have a feeling that we need to be here but we aren’t guided to the right people?” So…we said a pray before we left the car….and then we got out and decided that we’d talk to EVERYONE no matter what. 🙂 So we did!! And the first person we talked to looked white….but then she told us her name (speaking English to us) and then we’re like….that’s SO a hispanic name 🙂 So we started to speak in Spanish and then we taught her the first lesson!!! It was a SUPER awesome spirit filled lesson too. 🙂 She has NO religious background though so it was a little difficult teaching her but it’ll be good. 🙂 Then that night we had out English classes which were good and successful like always. 🙂 Afterwards Hno R came with us to M S’s (the guy who randomly came to church one week!! but hasn’t come back since….) and we had a VERY good lesson with him.
Wednesday we had district meeting again and it was good. 🙂 Not the best (in my opinion) but still good. 🙂 We weren’t necessarily distracted…but we were all over the place with out ideas and what not. Which if it’s directed by the spirit that’s fine!! I just still can’t figure out if it was or wasn’t…..but…..after district meeting I had the BIGGEST prank pulled on me….. yea……by my whole zone…. But it was funny…so this is what happened!!! 🙂
Backstory!! On Sunday Elder W was in Hewitt on exchange with those elders (for whatever reason). Well, what Elder L told me is that he was being interviewed by President Ames to be the assistant….well….I believed him just cuz I thought that was bound to happen!!! hahahahhah 🙂 Like ever since we both got to Texas together. 🙂 So then on Monday I see elder W at pday activity and I’m like….wait…is this a joke? But then he plays EVERYTHING off like it’s still legit and he’s leaving… So that night we got a bunch of pictures together because he was “suppose to leave” on Wednesday after district meeting. Well I’m in like this limbo of “do I believe him or not?” but I had no reason not too so… I believed him! Well…after district meeting comes around and everyone is talking about how Elder W is leaving. EVERYONE!! So I’m like ok yea it’s for real. Well….we’re inspecting the cars and then I see elder W’s suitcases. Yea. He had suitcases!! haha and then he opens them…and they’re empty. Yea. It was a joke the whole time! Well, the funny part was that he got the ENTIRE zone in on it without me knowing…and they were all outside and taking videos of me when I found out that it wasn’t true. And…I didn’t even notice until after!! haha but my reaction wasn’t too good because I had suspicions… 🙂 hahahaha but it was all good and funny in the end. 🙂
Thursday, oh let me tell you about Thursday!! Because it was AWESOME!!! But we were dumb…..or en espanol, tontos….or fools. 🙂 hahaha that’s all I kept saying!! So we did weekly planning and that was good! Then we went out on bikes because we had NO miles. 🙂 Well that’s fine right?! wrong…because there were a TON of storm clouds and there was thunder and lightning everywhere. Well it was far away from us so we’re like, that’s fine and we have dinner in like 15 minutes anyway. Well we get to dinner and they tell us that they are afraid of lightning so they’re gonna send us with the food because they don’t wanna eat under their patio (it was two single sisters that we couldn’t eat inside with) and we’re like….uhh…ok? So then we are waiting for them to give us the food and it starts raining. That’s fine. 🙂 I’ve biked in the rain before. Well then it starts POURING as we are leaving….and then the ladies are like, you have your car right, and we’re like no, and instead of saying oh well we can just eat under the patio, no they say, well good luck!!! So…we waited for about 30 minutes hoping it would let up and it didn’t and then there was like that weird sideways rain so we got soaked through but then the next door neighbors told us to go hide under their porch so we did and had a VERY good discussion with them about Mormons. 🙂 Booyah!!! hahahahahah 🙂 And then we just were like, it’s not gonna stop so lets just get soaked and get it over with, so we biked to the church (it was close by) and dropped out food off and then we biked home and changed. And we got a hilarious video of the aftermath of the storm (what it did to us) 🙂 hahaha 🙂 then we drove back to the church and had our english class and that was good. 🙂 And to end it, I don’t know what came over me, but I taught about the plan of salvation!!! 🙂 We’d been looking for a way to break the ice with these people saying, hey we want to teach you and your families about the gospel, not just teach you about the gospel a little bit with these english classes. 🙂 Well that’s how we did it!! And we are most likely going to be teaching these families this next week 🙂
Friday we had a pretty good day…kinda….it was the 4th of July and NO ONE would let us teach them. And yes, almost every hispanic person here in Temple got drunk. 😛 it’s a day that they don’t have to work (well most of them don’t have to work) and so they get drunk…yea I don’t understand it either. Well we did the best we could to teach people but everyone just wanted to spend time with their families and not with people from God. So we tried. That night we went by a few members and investigators that said it was ok to go by, but then when push comes to shove they realized that it was the 4th and changed their minds when we were on their doorsteps. And….then we didn’t even get to see fireworks… Next year, right? 🙂 hahaha
Saturday we had a bunch of plans!! And they actually didn’t fall through. 🙂 We made some real progress with our ward mission leader so that he can actually start helping us more and so that he is actually more involved with the branch. 🙂 And thankfully when we talked to our Branch President about it he accepted it….but he was very skeptical and not really wanting to help us out….so we’ll see what happens!!! But then the rest of the day we had a few good lessons. 🙂
And then yesterday
jG came to church again!!! That’s the most that he’s ever come in one transfer!!! 😀 3 times (almost consecutively!!!) 🙂 🙂 No one else came becasue of the holiday weekend…not too many people were in town. And then the rest of the day wasn’t bad either. We were able to go by a bunch of investigators that kinda just dropped off the face of the planet but now they’re back!!! 🙂
With transfers, nothing is happening. 🙂 I’m staying here with elder Taylor for another transfer. 🙂 And basically everyone in the zone is going to be the same! Including Elder W….. hahahah 🙂
And I can’t find any Texas ties. The one I’m trying to find is like one with just the Texas flag on it. It’s like blue on one side with the star and then it has the red and white on the other side. 🙂 so if you can find one like that I guess that’d work. 🙂 please and thank you! 🙂
and I love the tie that Brooke picked out 🙂 I hope it wasn’t $55 though……….but I love it!!! And I’m wearing it right now. 🙂 And the inhaler is helping!!!
And I love you to the Moon and Back forever and ever and always!!! 🙂 I’m excited to stay here in Temple for another 6 weeks!!! But that means that I’ll basically be for sure transferred after that…. 😛 hahaha 🙂
Elder Josh Andersen 🙂


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