Ice Bucket Challenge. You can cross that off of my missionary bucket list.

So maybe it is because I am whitewashing, but we are seeing SO many miracles here in Waco!!!!! 😀 I love it!!!!! 😀 Such an AMAZING time to be a missionary. 🙂

So this week. 🙂

On Monday we had a fun pday with the elders and sisters in Hewitt. We go down to Hewitt to help out the elders (because they are bike elders) with shopping and what not, then we go to the stake center and play basketball, volleyball, and scatterball. 🙂 It was fun and everything worked out for a first pday here. 🙂 Then that night we had a lesson with S and R. 🙂 At first things looked a little gloomy because our exchange cancelled and then there was bad traffic getting back into Waco, and a few other things, but a member that we called last minute came out with us and the lesson was amazing!!!! S and R are SO ready for the gospel right now. 🙂

Tuesday we had an exchange with the Temple elders, Elder Jand Elder T. Elder T and I stayed in our respective areas, so we just traded new missionaries. 🙂

Wednesday we had district meeting and it was very interesting since it’s only me, Elder M, Elder T, and Elder J…and this time Elder L (since we always have one of the Zone Leaders there). We did as much of it as possible in Spanish and then when I started getting blank stares….it was L’s turn to share his training in English. 🙂 haha and it was AWESOME to just watch him follow the spirit. 🙂 It was a very spiritual meeting as we tried to help these new missionaries understand the mission focus and the purpose behind district meeting and how we are there to help ourselves improve as missionaries so that we can help our investigators progress. 🙂 But district meeting overall was good. 🙂

Then I HAVE to tell you about Wednesday night!!! 😀 So, remember how I told you about how R’s sister and brother in law were in the lesson on Sunday night? Well the follow up appointment that we had with them was for Wednesday night. And they were there waiting for us and expecting us!!! 😀 It was an amazing miracle!!! 😀 They accepted everything that we said well just like S and R, but they question things a little more because they want to know FOR SURE that these things are true. 🙂 It was an AWESOME lesson though!!! And then afterwards we actually had a lesson with S and R again. 🙂 hahaha

Thursday we had a very good and productive weekly planning session!!! I felt like “I got planning” as we were doing it. 🙂 That was a good feeling because I really felt like the plans that we were making were going to truly bless our investigators!!! And it was actually cool, so we made plans that we were going to having set appointments with C and R every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and then do the same with S and R, same days, just at a different time. Well, that’s what we planned to do, and we proposed the idea to them and they accepted and were actually thankful that we proposed the idea because they wanted to know so that they can start planning to do other things on the other nights of the week. 🙂 So that was COOL!!! 🙂

Thursday night we had a pretty good night trying to find new people to teach, other than that I don’t remember it. 🙂 hahaha

Friday we had an exchange with the Zone Leaders and I went with Elder P to Belton with him and Elder L stayed here with Elder M. It was an AWESOME exchange. 🙂 We learned a ton!! And it was really good for Elder M help him build up his confidence in the right places. That make sense? He was all alone in his new area and the only Spanish speaker. I remember my first exchange like that and I was nervous!!! But he did really well from what I heard. He was able to go by R and C, and then by S and R, with Elder L. 🙂 Elder L loves them!!! hahahah 🙂

Saturday we finished off the exchange and I had a good time in Belton. Then that night when I got back to Waco we went by all of the people who told us they’d go to church and we were able to get ahold of all of them. 🙂 and a lot of them said they’d be going to church!!!

Sunday was a good day too. 🙂 We called people before church and had a few people tell us that they were DEFINITELY going to church. 🙂 And then 10:30 goes by, then 11….then 12….then 1:30 and whoa…church is over. 😦 and no one came… what does that mean?? We go find them and figure out why they didn’t come!!! We would’ve left during church to find them but we were part of the classes and then I also had to give a talk during sacrament meeting…yea it was 25 minutes long!! hahahahaha 🙂 It was good though, at least that’s what the members told me. 🙂

But so anyway, we went out to go find our investigators!!! S and R were in the hospital with breathing problems….so they had a pretty good excuse for not going to church…..and then we went by C and R and they told us they were sorry but 5 minutes before they left they read the pamphlet that we left them and how it talked about wearing “sunday best” to church….and they didn’t have that….so they didn’t go because they thought they HAD to go to church dressed like that and they don’t have that kind of clothing. So…we had the logistics talk with them and how they can come however they want, but how we try to show respect for God, so they should try to wear the best that they have. 🙂 And they are coming this week for sure!!! 🙂 They are awesome. 🙂 And S and R should be coming too, but she just got a job and doesn’t know her schedule so….we’re not sure. But we talked about changing their baptismal date to sometime in October and they were like, “yea of course!” And!!!! S got an answer!!!!!! She told us that as she prayed she got goose bumps all over her body and that hasn’t happened to her in forever and she knew God was answering her prayer!!! I love God and how he does everything he’s promised he’ll do as long as we do our part. 🙂

Then we had a good pday yesterday too. 🙂 We had a few fun activities that we had pre planned to do. Then for dinner we went to Waco lake with a family in the branch. They were there with a bunch of non members and the Sister introduced us to one of the non members that she had met that day and already become friends with and we started teaching her and now we are going to start teaching her and her husband with the family that we ate with yesterday!!! 😀 Member work is AWESOME!!!!! 😀

And that was my week. :

And yea…so now that you have seen the pictures, one of the pday activities was the ice bucket challenge!!! 😀 I, Elder O’Brien, Elder Smith, Sister Nelson and Sister Johnson did it. 🙂 It was SO fun!!! I have videos and pictures of ALL of them. 🙂 Mine was basically like 2 challenges because I had my feet in one bucket while the other bucket was poured onto my head and then the bucket that my feet were in was poured onto me. 🙂 It was FREEZING!!!!

But you have NO IDEA HOW COLD IT WAS!!!! There was over 100 pounds of ice in those buckets!!!

But it was totally worth it and we all loved doing it afterwards!!! 🙂 haha 🙂

Thank you for the package btw!!! 🙂

Pray for the people I mentioned that they will be able to go to church this next week!!! 🙂 They are amazing!!! 🙂

And the whole week was a miracle. 🙂

I love you to the moon and back forever and ever and always!!! 🙂


Elder Josh Andersen 🙂

DSC01280 DSC01283 (1)


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