It’s always darkest right before the dawn. :)

So this week was an eventful one, in a good way and a bad way. 🙂

So Tuesday we had a pretty good day. 🙂 We had a good lesson with a super active member whose husband goes to church EVERY Sunday but isn’t a member.

Wednesday we had interviews and like always they were amazing!!!!! 🙂 It took forever though… they normally do. 🙂 Hahahaha when our zone was suppose to start the zone before us was like an hour and something behind already. So I was finally interviewed about 5ish. 🙂 hahaha instead of the 3:30 like originally planned. 🙂 But President and I talked about a lot of cool things!!! Oh and my 15 minute interview may have turned into a 30 minute interview…. but the first 15 minutes were just to talk about “logistics…” Which means that I talked about President about going to ASU and signing up for classes, etc, and then about when I am going home. So… I had a feeling I needed to talk to him about it and it was good that I did. Because he had in his notes that I was going home on January 9th, in the middle of the transfer. So… he looked at me and said, “Ok Elder Andersen what do you want to do?” So I had the awesome opportunity to have to make that choice right now. I could have extended my mission for another 6 weeks from what we were thinking, and then just go home like 3 weeks after the day I actually started my mission. But…obviously I couldn’t do that so I talked to President about it and we both decided that for school I need to go home on December 18th, so that is FOR SURE when I’m going home now. And now I feel bad for President because he has to do what he did with me with every Spanish speaking missionary in our mission because for us it’s a little different with the timing and transfers, etc. But I feel good about the decision and know that it is what God wants me to do. 🙂 So….just an FYI you’ll be getting my flight plans and what not sometime soonish…. don’t know when exactly, but I got “the trunky call” on Thursday morning asking which airport I was going to be flying in to.

But the rest of Wednesday was good! 🙂 we had good lessons with S and R and then C and R. 🙂 They are both progressing really well!! We started teaching about the Plan of Salvation with them both. The lesson with R and C was SO spirit filled too. Basically, the reason they wanted to start meeting with us was to find out a question of the soul, “why does God allow evil and suffering in the world?” And lets just say I was completely alone in the lesson because Elder M was lost with the Spanish and our member who was with us had NO idea what to say. She didn’t understand why God would even allow that to happen to her family. For a long time she gave up on God and now she’s trying to find out more about God and return to him because ever since she gave up on God life has been a lot harder, and she didn’t need it to be harder because that’s when she was going through everything .PLEASE KEEP THEM IN YOUR PRAYERS!!!! But lets just say that I am happy because I felt like an instrument in the hands of the Lord as I tried to answer her questions. I talked about how Zachy had brittle bone disease and how that was hard and not fair but how we learned from that experience and are stronger because of it. It was such a unique lesson, I’ve NEVER had to talk about things like that or have to share such intimate stories from my life and from my family to help them. But afterwards R and C both thanked us profusely for coming over and helping them understand more about God and understand him and his plan for them and what they need to do. 🙂 So I felt like a successful missionary after that lesson for sure! And my love for them just increased exponentially!!

Then the Thursday of bad luck came along. It started with my “trunky call” which wasn’t too bad, haha, and we actually had an AMAZING planning session for our investigators, and then we went out to bike…and that’s when the bad luck started. So I just took my GPS out of the protective pouch in my satchel, and it was cracked. Like bad cracked like I couldn’t see anything but white and black when I turned it on….so….we were lost. O.o Thankfully we made it to dinner….they kicked us out after 30 minutes though because they had other stuff to do so we couldn’t even share a message with them… but then we had a little extra time to go find a few pawn stores and I tried to get a GPS that would work so we could get home (still don’t know Waco that well, but it’s getting there) and all the ones we tried didn’t work….so….that was frustrating. Then on the way to an investigator, I got a 1 inch nail in my tire…. BUT 🙂 It didn’t make my tire go flat until we got home!! 😀 So God truly blessed me and helped make the best of the not so fun situation. 🙂 But yea…. my tire did go flat when we got home… 🙂 lol perfect timing right?? 🙂 I still need to fix that…haha 🙂 So it was a very humbling day and I learned a lot personally. 🙂 a LOT of prayers were said that day. And I felt like I was definitely guided by the spirit in every aspect of my life that day.

Friday we had to go buy a GPS from Best Buy because without it we wouldn’t be able to get ANYWHERE in Waco, at least not to the majority of the people we had appointments with that we’ve only visited like once. So…we had to do that. 😛 And that was pricy… but it’s for a good cause and it is to help the work of the Lord move forward! But…then that night was good. 🙂 We had a good lesson with S and R. KEEP THEM IN YOUR PRAYERS TOO!!!!! So we were able to testify about eternal families and keeping an eternal perspective. Which I actually had an AMAZING study on that this week too just random thought. 🙂 You should study that topic too if you get the chance. 🙂

Saturday we had DLC and that was good. 🙂 Ever since I’ve been having SO many thoughts come into my head about how to be a better disciple of Jesus Christ and how I can continue to develop Christ-like attributes and what not. 🙂 It was a good “take a step back and look in the mirror” moment. 🙂 Especially because this time it wasn’t all “you need to work on EVERYTHING” but instead I had this very calm feeling come over me and tell me, “look at what you’ve accomplished. You have improved and you can still improve, but don’t overlook your accomplishments.” 🙂 So yea, this was a SPIRIT FILLED week for me. 🙂 I felt like I got a LOT closer to the Lord. 🙂 The rest of the night was kinda up and down with visiting people…a lot of people punched on us…but we didn’t get discouraged. 🙂

Sunday was scary at first and a little discouraging. But I realized that I am a very hopeful person now. When things look gray and dim, I don’t give up and I try to see the brighter side of everything! This was something that dawned on me this week that I do this. 🙂 so I didn’t lose hope that none of our investigators that said they’d go to church didn’t show up. Then 15 minutes before Sacrament starts, we get a call from R!!! 🙂 She was outside!!! 😀 and she was even dressed in church clothes. 🙂 Remember how she said that she didn’t wanna go because she didn’t have the right clothes?? But she came!! And she had a great time and she got really close with a bunch of members!!! C couldn’t come because his family came into town last minute and he had to stay and entertain them, but next week he’ll come. 🙂 We were SO excited for her and it was well worth the patience and hope. 🙂 And then the rest of the day was just interesting contacting people and being handed Jehova’s Witness stuff to go pass out to more people because for some reason we looked like Jehova’s Witness. 🙂 yea, I don’t know! hahaha

But in the end it was an amazing week. 🙂

I did get the little package on Saturday. 🙂 They just left it by our door because the apartment complex is closed weekends. Thank you for it!! And I love the tie. 🙂 haha I was joking with Elder M that you were gonna put like $200 in the package because you are super in tune with the spirit and so the spirit was gonna tell you I’d need it for a new GPS. hahaha but thank you for what was in the package. 🙂 I love you!

Today we have just same ol same ol pday plans. 🙂 We are doing a pday activity and then going to dinner in Robinson with some members and then we have lessons with R and C and then S and R.

Laundry isn’t too bad. We do it in our complex and just have to wake up early. We put our load in the washer then go on our mile run, BTW I CAN RUN A MILE IN 7 MINUTES NOW, OH YEA!!!!!…. and then finish our workout and go back and change the laundry to the dryer, then go get ready and go back down and get our clothes. 🙂 It ain’t too bad. 🙂

And we do not do Noche de Hogar here or English classes. We did have a few members offer us their houses to start teaching the lessons to Rosa there. 🙂 So we’ll see how everything plays out this week!!! 🙂

But that’s my week!!!

I love you to the moon and back forever and ever and always!!! And I am SO SORRY THAT I HAD TO BUY A NEW GPS….YOU DON’T KNOW HOW BAD I FEEL…. 😦

Love you!!

Elder Josh Andersen 🙂


P.S. I know how many days I have…..and that’s weird that I am almost in the double digits again. O.o ……….. Sister N took my planner and wrote down on every page how many days I had left….so….I know for the rest of my mission now. Haha 🙂 love you!DSC01294 DSC01296 DSC01297 DSC01298


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